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USB Lock Auto-Protect can't open my folder

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I installed USB Lock Auto-protect. Today I've formatted my computer without releasing the folder which I locked using this software. Now I can't open the folder using the password. It shows the message "This folder can only be accessed by its owner while inside the PC it was protected".

If I uninstall the software and open the folder it opens Internet Explorer, and shows nothing, but if I go to the properties of that folder it shows the full files and folder properties with 15 GB data.

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These applications are created in a way that when you protect a directory or file you don't have another unlocking possibility other than the password method. Also, when you formatted the computer, you also deleted files that "told" the application you were the owner. In this case, although you use the same password, the software does not recognize you anymore because it has no place to get the data from.

It's sad, but I believe you have lost the whole folder.

On the other hand, open My Computer > (Menu bar) Tools > Folder Options > View > Check "Show all hidden files and folders and browse the folder you have it locked. If you're lucky, you may enter the folder and copy the contents.

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thanks Stephen for the help, but it does nothing. it opens internet explorer. i tried with the recovery software, software is showing the files but if i recover them, new files also has lock with them.

any other way or best recovery software
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