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Latest questions about "configuration"

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How to use the USB 8051 PROGRAMMER?
asked May 9, 2013 by ratnakumar (120 points) about USB 8051 PROGRAMMER
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I have deleted all the net settings from the mobile but in vain. What can I do now?
asked May 8, 2013 by abilash (160 points)
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How can I use VPN for iPad?
asked May 5, 2013
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1 answer 253 views
I am running Windows 7 and had to uninstall my HP LaserJet printer as the scanner stopped working.
asked Apr 23, 2013 by Anthony Cunningham (120 points)
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Can Advantech PCL-711 board be used together with DAQNavi program? If not, how can it be configured to be supported by DAQNavi?
asked Apr 2, 2013 by Miguel Rosales (120 points) about Advantech PCL-711 Device Driver
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I created 3 e-mail accounts with Outlook Convertor. I thought this would create folders to receive e-mails through my Comcast server. It didn't work.
asked Mar 6, 2013
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We were using the printer that was with our computer and it finally died. When I tried to swap out printers it would not print using VigiPrint.
asked Mar 6, 2013 about VigiPrint
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When I choose an item from the Add-on menu, an error message appears : "Kernel not found". My current laptop is running on 32-bit Windows 7 Starter.
asked Mar 1, 2013 by moe (120 points) about ZETLON Configuration
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I have Wireless-G Router and have lost the disk. Can I just download it?
asked Feb 8, 2013
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3 answers 336 views
I have updated the exchange server using SqlAnswersMailConfig.exe but how can I make the package read this new configuration?
asked Feb 6, 2013 about SqlAnswersMail
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Is it possible to configure the tool manually?
asked Jan 29, 2013 by Gerard (120 points) about Product Configuration Guide
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No matter how I adjust the setup in CCleaner from deleting Recent Documents in Word and Excel, the program still deletes them. Any solution?
asked Jan 23, 2013 by Richard Reynolds (130 points) about CCleaner
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1 answer 329 views
They work well on one laptop and now I'm trying to put it on hubby's laptop. Help?
asked Jan 10, 2013 by Philip Kunstler (120 points)
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After installing the CCT+ software, an error occurs: "Can't read the camera's model name". How to solve it?
asked Jan 9, 2013 by caixin (120 points) about Basler CCT+
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I am looking for software with a user-friendly interface that gives me all information about the LAN which my PC is connected to.
asked Dec 30, 2012 by Was.chm (120 points)
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I have Intex 2.0 TV BOX (TV Tuner) and it's not working properly. I have an installation CD with the application and the driver, I am using Windows 7 operating system.
asked Oct 28, 2012
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How do I set up my Asus Bright Cam 2.0 built into my monitor?
asked Oct 8, 2012
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What is a DVR configuration tool used for?
asked Oct 4, 2012
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I'm trying to burn a DVD of an old one to a new Blanck CD, but it is imposible,could you tell me why...? do i need a program for that or just simply the [ Window media player 11>>> Thank You
asked Apr 12, 2011 about Windows Media Player