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How can I use VPN for iPad?

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How can I use VPN for iPad?

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You can install an app like Hotspot VPN or configure the VPN settings manually. iOS supports PPTP, IPsec and L2TP protocols. If you want to configure one of these protocols you will need the login data in order to use it. You can configure it under the Settings > General > VPN.

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agreed with Stephen, in my opinion the best way to use a vpn on ipad is through installing a third party application like purevpn or hotspot shield and this needs going through a short configuration, one needs to Go through Settings, - General, - Network, - find spelled V-P-N, go there and Add VPN Configurations, for further details of configurations see here, vpn ipad 2 settings , thanks

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Well right now IOs9 setup is most asked so assuming it and giving you the set up below:

Before you begin, please make sure that:

You have a working internet connection
An iOS device updated with iOS 9 (Smartphone, Tablet etc.)
A Premium PureVPN account (If you have any other than make sure its active)

Follow these simple steps to configure PureVPN manually on iOS 9:

1 Go to your home screen and tap on “Settings”

2 Tap on “General”

3 Tap on “VPN”

4 Tap on Add “VPN configuration”

5 Insert Following Info:

Type: PPTP (you can select any protocol according to your requirement)
Description: PureVPNPPTP
Server: Insert desired server which you want to connect, click here to get the server list.
Account: Eneter your PureVPN Username
Password: Enter your PureVPN Password

Note: If you Select L2TP you will need to enter Pre-shared key, which is: 12345678

6 Tap on “Save”

7 Tap on “PureVPN PPTP” and Turn on VPN

8 Enter Your PureVPN Username and Password and tap “OK”

9 Congrats!! PureVPN is Connected Now.

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