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Latest questions about "development"

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I am using N-Computing devices in main system TurboC is showing full screen, but in the client, it is not showing full screen.
asked 4 days ago about TurboC 7
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1 answer 18 views
I can't find Words+ online to ask questions about pricing on just the Say-it! SAM software. I have the tablet, but I want to install it on a PC.
asked Oct 9 by Richard about Say-it! SAM PC
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1 answer 41 views
Bought this package and a Direct Logic 05 (DO-05DD-D), but never got around to using until now.
asked Aug 31 by martinechols about DirectSOFT32 - Programming
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1 answer 33 views
How do I make the trial version fully functional?
asked Aug 29 by Bruce Baker about ELCSoft
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1 answer 38 views
How do I install PLC WPL 2.40 software without the hardware device?
asked Aug 28 by Ahmed about WPLSoft
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I recently updated to Access 2016, and have discovered that the SQL to VBA String Builder is not working. I love this little utility, and would sure like to be able to continue using it.
asked Aug 16 by Don about IDBE Tools 2010
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1 answer 43 views
Genymotion is not working. Is it my graphics card too old?
asked Aug 7 about Genymotion
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Will SG2 ver1.9 run on Linux (Ubuntu)?
asked Jul 31 by Jim Engel about SG2 Client
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1 answer 47 views
I have customized a library, but I do not know how to convert the entire project. According to X-HDL, the prompt file is too big.
asked Jul 14 by sad about X-HDL
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1 answer 57 views
Hello, I am getting the error "Same land cover cannot change autonomously in two different new land covers" after pressing the button RUN, I have checked all my files and don't understand where it...
asked Jun 22 about Dyna-CLUE
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1 answer 56 views
Where can I get a list of commands for Qbasic for Windows?
asked Jun 4 about Qbasic for Windows
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1 answer 71 views
I am not able to run the bat program file. How to set the path for this?
asked Jun 4 about MQJExplorer
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1 answer 71 views
Is it possible to control which code executes my app in real time while I run it in a Vm?
asked May 22 by Jorge about Android Studio
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1 answer 63 views
Do you have the latest version of Advocate Classic? If so, where can or how can I download and what is the cost?
asked May 18 by RPaul about Advocate Classic
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2 answers 55 views
We have the 3.0 version because we wanted to make business cards and name badges. I have the business cards made, but the name badges are an issue.
asked May 15 by Jackie about Art Explosion Publisher Pro
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1 answer 86 views
Can you tell me if this is compatible with Windows 10?
asked May 15 about Moxa ioSearch
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1 answer 48 views
How to model a full round riser with stop logs in an HEC-HMS model?
asked May 11 by Stan Johnson about HEC-HMS
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1 answer 75 views
Tora doesn't start on my laptop it tells me that a ".dll" file is missing. I have Windows 10 is that the problem? How can I solve it?
asked May 9 by Amr Yasser about TORA
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1 answer 59 views
Can Marvel Client distribute application icons to a Notes 9.0.1 client's workspace? If so, can you tell me how to set up an action to do this?
asked Apr 28 by Gina about Marvel Client
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2 answers 70 views
I installed Android Studio 2.3.1 on Linux 32bit machine (Kali Linux). It is successfully installed.
asked Apr 26 by Dejene Techane (120 points) about Android Studio