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I have VigiPrint V5R3c3 1993 software. My old printer died and I want to use another one but I don't know where to go to change it over to the new printer.

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We were using the printer that was with our computer and it finally died. When I tried to swap out printers it would not print using VigiPrint. The printer does work for printing from Fastcad and other documents. Where and how do I go into the VigiPrint software so I can assign it to the new printer?

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When you install a new printer, it automatically becomes available in the Control Panel under Printers or Hardware Devices. Identify the new printer and right click it. Make it the default printer. Now, Vigiprint should detect it properly. If this is not happening, you need to enter its configuration settings or simply access Print from File menu. You will have the ability to choose what printer you need.

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