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Latest questions about "configuration"

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How do you configure the Infinity USB-2 footpedal to work with the Audioworxs Player? I want to fast forward or go backwards. In other words use all three pedals for a different function.
asked Jun 1, 2014 about Audioworxs Player
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I am trying to run Valspeq. I have changed all defaults to metric, but when I try to size a valve, everything keeps coming up in Imperial.
asked May 30, 2014 about ValSpeQ
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I have a ZTE Solar. I pay for unlimited data every month. Why do I always have to delete apps because it says that the storage space is running out?
asked May 28, 2014
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I have installed a VMS device on our site. I need help to control this device by our software. Can you send me commands for controlling VMS? Thanks and regards.
asked May 27, 2014 by Nirav Daraniya (120 points)
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How can I run ASUS Screen Saver?
asked May 19, 2014 by Guest #32440529 (120 points) about ASUS Screen Saver
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How to configure Enjay Thinclient?
asked May 1, 2014 about Enjay ThinClient
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Based on question difficulty, rating and from separate sets to ensure breadth and pick from alternate questions and test of similar difficulty.
asked Apr 8, 2014
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Can RDP be configured to work with NLA?
asked Feb 6, 2014
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What is the password to configure my WD Live Hub?
asked Jan 19, 2014
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I realized that every time I try to use my mobile data through hotspot (for LG C800; my touch) on my Laptop, it always gives me "No Internet access" message even though it is connected.
asked Jan 14, 2014
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The browser is not opened, but the Internet is running automatically in my Samsung Champ mobile. Also, I lose money and I can see the E symbol on the display.
asked Jan 11, 2014
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How do you scan duplex pages manually and automatically?
asked Dec 10, 2013 about SINDOH M400 Series Network Scanner Driver
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Can I reprogram a Tailgate Module on a 05 Trailblazer with my SPX-VCI?
asked Nov 23, 2013
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1 answer 66 views
How to set an IP address for the HP Jetdirect printer?
asked Nov 21, 2013 about HP Software HTTP Communication
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1 answer 447 views
Where can I find the installation guidance for Supra IPCam?
asked Nov 14, 2013 by Guest #28920736 (120 points)
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I am using Dopplervue version 9.6.711. I am having problem using an IP address as a email recipient in email template. e.g. sms@ What can I do to solve this problem?
asked Nov 12, 2013 about dopplerVUE®
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1 answer 103 views
How to connect my HI-FOCUS DVR Network Client System to the local area network?
asked Oct 12, 2013 about HI-FOCUS DVR Network Client System
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I am using Micromax G7 mobile which does not support 3G. There is EDGE network available but I don't know how to use it.
asked Jul 13, 2013
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Can you help to set up a new billing account in our webPAS system?
asked Jul 4, 2013 about WebPAS
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1 answer 183 views
AP Utility was downloaded to my desktop when we had a WiFi system installed. Do I have to keep it now that the system is up and working?
asked Jun 13, 2013 about AP Utility