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Latest questions about "server"

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Our client uses your program. From today it does not work. The program cannot connect to the server. Internet is working fine. No changes have been made to the computer.
asked Oct 6 by Dianella about Microflex MNX18.0.28.0
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Is CCCP compatible with Windows server 2016/2012
asked Jan 16, 2019 by Yogi about Combined Community Codec Pack
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How to install & configure JProbe in WebSphere 8.5?
asked Jul 12, 2017 by ashok kumar about JProbe Suite
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My MS exchange server database was corrupted but I can access outlook mail by offline ..
asked Jan 4, 2017 by Mark Kerry (120 points)
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I successfully installed TWF-Informer but now get the message "You are not connected to the server" when I try to create an account.
asked Dec 30, 2016 by Kenny Drever (120 points) about TWF - Informer
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I recently had a server crash which contained both files and Exchange email data.
asked Nov 18, 2015 by evan_banks3 (120 points) about Microsoft Office Outlook
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I have an Exchange Server 2007 that suffered a hard shutdown. When I brought it back up I'm getting a "Failed to mount database 'Mailbox Database'" error.
asked Sep 12, 2015 by NealTucker about Microsoft Office Outlook
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When is my data deleted from Viber server if I deactivate my Vibe account?
asked Dec 19, 2014 by arash about Viber Messenger
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I obtained this message when I run AIMSCLI.EXE: The version of the database layout is incorrect ! I verified the AIMS.INI, it's the good version (Version=7.
asked Nov 13, 2014
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I am unable to play Mundu TV. When I play it, the following massage displays on the screen: "Connection to remote server failed. Please check proxy settings or try after sometime.
asked Nov 13, 2014 by Shiv Kumar Sharma about mundu TV
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We would like to remove objects related to Lakeside SQL tools on a specific server.
asked Sep 23, 2014
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1 answer 82 views
I have a Windows Vista and Wamp server( localhost) and use it with WordPress.
asked Sep 4, 2014
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How do I sync the printer to the server?
asked May 30, 2014 about Xerox Device Agent
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1 answer 96 views
How can I install ICMAN Server / Client?
asked Apr 26, 2014 about ICMAN Server
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We are referring SSVParseLib.dll(Sandstone Technology Inc) in our application. Currently planning to host our application on 'Windows 2012 R2 server'.
asked Apr 15, 2014 by Koundinya (120 points)
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I need Cyberklock client and Primer. It's urgent.
asked Feb 28, 2014 about PRIMER
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What does the VPN do? And what is
asked Feb 8, 2014
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How can I disable the access for Train Net software in order to be used only by Administrator?
asked Dec 4, 2013
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1 answer 644 views
How to uninstall Docksetup? It asks for a password that I have never set up. It was installed during the AVG installation.
asked Aug 17, 2013 about AVG Protection PRO
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1 answer 192 views
Would it be possible to use this software to monitor streams for online radio and podcasts?
asked Jul 25, 2013 about Funnel Web Profiler