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Latest questions about "instant messaging and voip"

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I have downloaded the last Skype version but my MAC OS X 10.6.8 doesn't support it. I have searched for the previous version I was using but I can't find it?
asked Jul 18, 2017
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Is there a Mac version for 1&1 SoftPhone?
asked Feb 3, 2017 about 1&1 SoftPhone
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How to register Big Voize?
asked Apr 5, 2015 by hems (120 points) about Big Voize
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My VoIP Club has not been working since last week. I'm not able to call to India. What should I do?
asked Mar 17, 2015 about VoIP Club
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I was successful getting it to broadcast effects on live stream camera through a chat website and after the 1st time, it will now no longer work and the video chat site only shows normal video with...
asked Feb 10, 2015 by Mahlikah
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Can you explain the sudden disappearance of info online status (e.g. online status came up as "Online 2 minutes ago" and the next time I checked it had disappeared)?
asked Aug 25, 2014
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Can this version allow group video chat?
asked Apr 17, 2014
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Just reinstalled Viber, but I cannot call my previous Viber contacts on free Viber, only to Viber out.
asked Apr 1, 2014
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I have a Madeenagulf card, but the software is not working. What can I do?
asked Jan 14, 2014 about MadeenaGulf
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I am in the US. How can I connect with someone who has a phone number in England?
asked Oct 18, 2013
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We use Passageways IM. The last IM I used had a "nudge" feature so that if a person you are trying to communicate with is not responding, you can get their attention.
asked Sep 17, 2013
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Can anyone explain me how to enable web cam on Skype for video calls?
asked May 21, 2012 by incognito (280 points)
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My MSN Messenger doesn't want to update. I downloaded the update but it's not working. Why?
asked Aug 30, 2011
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I can't see my face on TinyChat. Can you help?
asked Mar 19, 2011
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can i use it with my facebook account?
asked Sep 21, 2010 by testaccount (150 points)
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