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Latest questions about "voip"

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Dubaifone is not connecting. What can I do?
asked Mar 12, 2011 about dubaifone-V1.0.0.1
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1 answer 47 views
Where can I buy LowFone pins? I'm a LowFone reseller I want to know what can I do to buy directly my LowFone pins.
asked Mar 6, 2011 about LowFone
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1 answer 88 views
I just downloaded KlaamClear, but I can't log in. Every time I tried to log in it is showing registering instead of registered. I can't make calls because I can't see my funds.
asked Mar 2, 2011 by sumi 1 (120 points) about KlaamClear
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1 answer 293 views
I installed VoipDiscount in my PC, but it's not connecting. Can you help?
asked Feb 24, 2011 about VoipDiscount
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1 answer 41 views
If I call long time to same contact number from Easy2Buzz, next time it is not working for that contact number. How can I fix this problem?
asked Feb 21, 2011 about Easy2Buzz
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1 answer 116 views
I want to send money from my credit card but WebcallD system doesn't work and doesn't accept it.
asked Feb 10, 2011 about WebCallDirect
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1 answer 245 views
How to configure Quintum AX?
asked Jan 20, 2011 by Mahamadou (120 points) about Quintum Tenor Configuration Manager
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1 answer 38 views
How can I download Winnercalls? I want to make international calls with this software.
asked Jan 18, 2011 by Prasad 3 (120 points) about winnercalls
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1 answer 70 views
Is KallServe working?
asked Jan 16, 2011 about KallServe Softphone
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1 answer 126 views
The magicJack cdloader pops-up every time I start my computer. How can I turn it off?
asked Jan 5, 2011 about magicJack
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1 answer 147 views
I use the latest version of Jumblo on Windows 7. When I make a call, the call seems to connect, but the software is not responding.
asked Jan 2, 2011 by vasan06 (120 points) about Jumblo
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1 answer 121 views
I can't hear my friends. How can I fix the audio?
asked Dec 29, 2010 about ooVoo
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1 answer 186 views
For about one month during calling it suddenly disconnects and my Internet connection is very good. During this time, Jumblo is very problematic.
asked Dec 17, 2010 about Jumblo
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1 answer 148 views
Is this magicJack or Magic Talk?
asked Dec 14, 2010 about magicJack
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1 answer 106 views
Dial2DayPlus is not working for 2 days. Can you help?
asked Nov 26, 2010 about Dial2DayPlus
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1 answer 47 views
The software is not supported by my computer. Can you help?
asked Nov 18, 2010 about vCloudzV5.6
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1 answer 62 views
What is the problem with BestVoiceCall?
asked Nov 10, 2010 about BestVoiceCallv62 #2
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1 answer 71 views
Voice2Clear dialer is not working. I have a prepaid card. Can you help?
asked Nov 7, 2010 about Voice2Clear
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1 answer 86 views
My microphone doesn't work. Can you help?
asked Oct 29, 2010 about talkeazy
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1 answer 125 views
I'm from Oman and I want to know how to charge the credit cards. Can you help?
asked Oct 26, 2010 by hiahmed (120 points) about CincoTel