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Latest questions about "connectivity"

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Do you need USB Type C-to-Lightning Charging Cable for fast charging an iPad Pro?
asked Sep 16, 2017 about ASUS Ai Charger
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I purchased Bracelet in Nov 2016. It was working OK until May 21. It will only display time, and I cannot switch to any other options. It says it is connected and paired with Apple 2 Air.
asked May 30, 2017
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I am not able to connect loud speakers to QMobile M88.
asked Feb 6, 2017 by Fahad qureshi
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I redownloaded this application, but it's not connecting.
asked Dec 23, 2016 about Full Flush Poker
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World Tour Solitaire won't download even though I'm connected.
asked Dec 12, 2016 by JB about World Tour Solitaire
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After the connection, my PC shows error 651.
asked Nov 21, 2016 by Balasundaram about DIGISOL Wireless LAN Driver and Utility
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Have downloaded software.The app is in my dock. The brown tab shows either the document or the pen, but is not connected.
asked Aug 18, 2016
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Do you know why the connection switches between connect and disconnect without ever making a connection to the scanner?
asked Aug 12, 2016 by Tony about Baracoda Manager
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I can not get a connection between my computer(TNcremo and TNC430). I have now new computer with Windows 10. This computer has no serial port.
asked Jul 5, 2016 about TNCremo
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I can't connect to my Voowire after 3 + years of use, can you help ?
asked Jun 4, 2016 by DONNIE BAYLOR about VooWire
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I am using Moto G turbo. I am facing a connection issue in IMO video call. Previously it was working correctly. But suddenly after the software update I am not able to connect.
asked Apr 1, 2016 by Shriram about imo
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Can I connect DG-HR 3420 with my smart TV?
asked Mar 23, 2016 by Nitin Pardeshi
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I've changed my laptop and now I cannot use the WiFi option to my iSmartViewPro camera. Can you help me? The new laptop has Windows 10 installed.
asked Mar 6, 2016 by MariaElena Contreras about iSmartViewPro
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How to connect to other LR clients?
asked Feb 12, 2016 by Louw about Lightning Radar
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I am having a problem with serial connection between BX-4T1 card with our CPU. We are using LedshowTW 2014. Can you help me?
asked Nov 22, 2015 by AZRA ANAM about LedshowTW 2013
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When I am sending the message to the sign, I receive the message: Connected, message sent, disconnected, update successful. Is this normal? Because the message is not showing up on the sign.
asked Jan 23, 2015 about SuperGraphic Studio
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Why does my ranger outpost say "The connection to the outpost server has been closed?"
asked Jan 18, 2015
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How do I connect my Samsung S5 active to my Canon MX470 series printer wirelessly?
asked Jan 9, 2015 about Canon MX470 series On-screen Manual
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I am about to begin consulting as a geophysicist for a company that is 2 hours from my home, where I will be working several days per week. They already have a VPN setup.
asked Dec 7, 2014 by patrick ditty
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we are all grateful to you for creating such a great piece of software, but having some electronic ability I was going to use a commercial USB adaptor (CP2103) as it is a fraction of the cost of the...
asked Dec 6, 2014 by philg54 (120 points) about Guidemaster