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What is the latest version of the OM-70 software? I've got 1.41.0.
asked Jun 15, 2016 by Tom Moore
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I am asking for drivers for Fusion 100 PsiTek GSM interface. Device details: HW Rel: P115P0G1 Serial number: 014707091513372 IMEI: 351358240393250.
asked Mar 23, 2016 by NIven Hamalila
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How can I change the interface of Windows Media Player?
asked Jul 23, 2015 by Yana Bystrova (280 points) about Windows Media Player
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I have just downloaded Digital Wave Player, which is a program for a digital voice recorder. I am not sure what to do next.
asked May 7, 2014 about Digital Wave Player
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How can I view my high definition videos by only using the PhotofunStudio program on my computer?
asked Apr 30, 2014 about PHOTOfunSTUDIO
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I have the DVD EZMaker USB Gold application which doesn't work with my Windows 8 computer. Can you help me?
asked Mar 23, 2014 about AVerMedia DVD EZMaker Gold
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My Dell can't detect its webcam so I decided to re-install it. But, unfortunately, once I've uninstalled it, I can't perform a re-installation because the program was no longer in my laptop.
asked Aug 13, 2013 about Dell Webcam Center
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I am using Dell Inspiron 14 5420 with Windows 7 Professional x64. How can I activate my Webcam Central, please?
asked Jul 16, 2013 about Dell Webcam Center
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How to simulate a RFID signal in Proteus 7?
asked Feb 20, 2013 about Proteus
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My Dell Inspiron M5040 laptop became corrupted after using it in an Internet cafe. Now I don't have access to wireless connections. What do I do?
asked Feb 10, 2013 about Dell Webcam Center
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I am unable to log in to my Internet client after installing Kaspersky Internet Security-2013. I have to disable Kaspersky, then log in and then enable Kaspersky again.
asked Dec 22, 2012 about Kaspersky Internet Security
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Is the Interface Suite compatible with Windows 8?
asked Nov 21, 2012 by Emilie 1 (120 points) about Interface Suite - Industrial Alliance
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I have put an English password but the input language changed to Arabic and now I can't log into my ICOP. Can I get any help, please?
asked Sep 29, 2012
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Basically, I need to develop a web interface that can set the router to shut down at a certain time. May I know how it can be done?
asked Mar 25, 2012
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1 answer 268 views
I recently tried using my webcam this evening through two different programs (Facebook and Skype).
asked Dec 25, 2011 by ShellyS (120 points) about Dell Webcam Center
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I'm not able to start up my Webcam Central. Message says the video is in use.
asked Jun 4, 2011 by jasmine 1 (160 points) about Dell Webcam Center
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2 answers 162 views
It doesn't support 1200DPI scanning because the drivers are not up to date. What should I do?
asked Sep 5, 2010 about KODAK All-in-One Printer Software
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1 answer 247 views
I have a Dell Inspiron 1318 laptop with Windows 7 Ultimate on 32-bit. I downloaded and installed the R168730 driver, but it is not detected. What can I do?
asked Mar 15, 2010 by Hoa 2 (120 points) about Dell Webcam Center
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How do I get my sound to work when I want to record a video of myself?
asked Jan 10, 2010 about Dell Webcam Center
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my box dont conect if i try to use it say usb comunication field
asked Jan 2, 2010 about JAF INTERFACE Drivers