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Can't video chat with my camera and Dell Webcam.

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I recently tried using my webcam this evening through two different programs (Facebook and Skype). I initially was able to connect to the video chat in Facebook one time, and then after it continued to act as if it was loading the program, but never completed the sign up process. I switched to Skype, and I could get the camera and connection twice, but both times, and once with my final Facebook connection, I got a blue screen crash. I can only assume it must be a problem with the computer, driver or webcam software as it happened with two separate programs. Any thoughts as to what is happening and how I can fix it?

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You can try to reinstall the software (Dell Webcam Central) to have driver functionality and switch it to another product. There is, however, a problem if you try to use 2 services with one webcam at the same time. Besides the fact that in most cases it isn't possible, you will encounter errors and since Dell Webcam Central is poorly developed, in my opinion, the program will enter a loading loop causing major damage to file system. Try to switch to some other product or use the camera in its native form with Facebook or Skype (while DWC is closed).

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