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Latest questions about "cad"

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I need to be able to take a drawing or preprinted drawing or picture and scale it to EX: 2" x 7.5" and expand or scale down to fit the width and height of that area?
asked Sep 23 by Donna about TigerCad
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Full form of RCDC and what are the thesis possibilities for a structural engineer?
asked Aug 7 by Shahnaz about RCDC
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I have this program and it works with Windows 98 and Windows XP - is there an upgrade for Windows 7?
asked Aug 7 about Better Homes and Gardens Landscaping and Deck Designer
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Downloaded "Logitrace v12 demo" from your website. I opened and it asks me for a password after authorizing it to run. Any idea what the "password" is?
asked Jul 31 by ticoeddy about LogiTRACE
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We are running TechnoCad version 8.0 on an XP virtual machine and we need to upgrade it to either Windows 7 or 10.
asked Jul 16 by Jay Chowdhury about TechnoCad
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I would like to insert a survey station using coordinates into MineCAD.
asked Jul 11 about mineCAD
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What newer AutoCAD product replaces AutoCAD Freestyle?
asked Jun 26 about AutoCAD Freestyle
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Is there any way I can make the CAD2Motion executed quickly during the open of the file, especially for the file with the many path segments?
asked Jun 18 by Yiven about CAD to Motion
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How can I renew my license to Ermapper and install on a new laptop?
asked Jun 12 by Bill about ERDAS ER Mapper 2013
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How do I change the units from millimeters to inches? I tried using the settings, but even if you change it there, it doesn't work on the display.
asked May 28 about RDWorks
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I'm trying to install the software PLMPack StackBuilder on my computer, but when I install the program it doesn't want to proceed with the installation despite of me using the product key that I...
asked May 19 about PLMPack StackBuilder
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What's the difference between AllyCAD Home and Allycad 3.6? I have an AllyCAN Home version, what is the next upgrade version?
asked Apr 20 by JackC about AllyCAD
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I want a specific template to be used at startup on DraftSight, but it keeps using no name.dwt and not the file I want.
asked Mar 28 about DraftSight
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How can I use my Intericad 7000 again? I can't use my laptop since the upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10.
asked Mar 22 by Siska about InteriCAD 7000
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I can't find myself around the software. I mean that I don't know how to use the software. I was wondering if someone can help me out?
asked Mar 20 by Mark Aer-tor about LRFD Box Culvert Program
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I spent months working on a project on the previous version. Is there any way that I can retrieve it in the old format because I am familiar with that interface?
asked Mar 20 by DENIS E GERRIOR about HomeByMe
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Why does the area in some designs show up shaded in some prints and not others? Is there a way to turn this off?
asked Mar 13 about 3D Home Architect Home & Landscape Deluxe
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How much does the pro version of Alibre Design 11 cost?
asked Mar 7 about Alibre Design
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I am tired for trying installing Arduino library in Proteus 8.6 demonstration. Please help me.
asked Mar 6 by rhowladar about Proteus