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Latest questions about "programming"

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Hi Is it possible to send and receive messages from whatsapp through Dot net C#? When I am looking they told there is a tool is there (WART) but it is working(based on reviews).
asked Oct 10, 2018 by StevenFPhelps (360 points)
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Where can I download FSP 5000 RPS 4.8 or 4.9
asked Sep 28, 2018 by Mudassar Hussain
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The "=" function is not working in Turbo C++ on Windows 10.
asked May 2, 2018 about Turbo C++
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What does Object reference not set to an instance of an object mean?
asked Mar 16, 2018 about Calendar Sync +
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Can I install Zelio Soft 2 on Windows 10?
asked Apr 24, 2017 by Guest #45025736 (120 points) about Zelio Soft 2
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I need a Bengali to Bengali dictionary in a text file. Can you help me?
asked Feb 24, 2017 by RIMI about Daffodil Bengali to Bengali Dictionary
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I wanted to start programming, but I don't have any idea which language I should start with. Can someone recommend one? Which would be the best for beginners?
asked Oct 26, 2016 by mrllama (140 points)
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What is Visual Studio 2012 x64 and x86 and do I need it?
asked Oct 23, 2016 by david allen about Visual Studio 2012 x64 Redistributables
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How can I program the Behringer 1010 so that when I push one of the switches it will send a message to the YL70m to play a predetermined numbered voice and then by pushing another switch it will send...
asked May 21, 2016 by Jack H. about Behringer FCB1010 MIDI PC Editor Utility
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I need this version because my remote is old and the new version 1.6 doesn't detect the programmer.
asked Dec 31, 2015 by elu about Catalog/MadeForYou
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There are buttons to select EEPROM/FLASH/NVMEM in version 2.2 Beta. But, they are greyed out. Why? How do I obtain capability to program EEPROMs?
asked Oct 24, 2015 by SpiritualMadMan about WLPRO
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I used VB6 Pro before on my computer, but HDD crashed. What can I do?
asked Sep 1, 2015 about Microsoft Visual Basic Professional Edition
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How do I use ARC XT with radio reference to program systems and groups on 396 XT?
asked Apr 8, 2015 by Bill about ARC XT
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I cant use the quotes key when I am programming in C++. Can you help me solve this issue?
asked Jan 21, 2015 about Borland C++ Compiler
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I am migrating a Visual Studio 2010 .NET application to Visual Studio 2012, but the compiler is not recognizing my version of DynamicPDFGenerator.
asked Nov 13, 2014 by Patricia Cu
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Hello Alex, This is strange because Visual Studio 2013 does not allow me to manage .dsoprojx projects. I'm able to do it with Visual Studio 2008.
asked Oct 9, 2014
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How can I minimize the pauses between the phrase activities with my CNC Graf program?
asked Sep 12, 2014
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Is there anyone who can help me find software for programming HYT TR 800 (TR800 Program Package)?
asked Aug 19, 2014 by Ilhom (120 points) about TR800 Program Package
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I am trying to find the latest software to help me program new BF530i, I have trouble with CHIRP as it won't clear the PL tone.
asked Aug 1, 2014 about UV5R_W64_VIP
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I'm using the Mac OS. I'd like to see if the program will be running on the computer properly before I will purchase it.
asked Jun 2, 2014