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Latest questions about "drivers"

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I have a Coship cutting plotter. It says Centrinics on its side along with a number RS232C. I cannot find the drivers for it in your program.
asked Jun 18, 2018 by Brian Downey
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Are there drivers for Windows 10 or Windows 7 for the AVerTV Hybrid + FM PCI?
asked May 12, 2017 by miguel about AVerTV Hybrid + FM PCI
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Every time I click the "Download all important drivers updates found" button, the tool starts downloading, but then one second later it stops and says: "Download error".
asked May 5, 2017 by Zayyan about DriverToolkit
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Could you please provide a link to drivers for the CIAAT CTC-940 Printer?
asked Feb 14, 2017 by Ciaat ctc 940 dirver require about CIAAT CTC-940 Printing Software
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Is DENON DJ ASIO Driver compatible with Windows 10?
asked Jan 30, 2017 about DENON DJ ASIO Driver
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I have paid for updated drivers, but not received any licence code.
asked Nov 16, 2016 by Harald Ringås (120 points)
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I just spent a month harassing the telephone company to fix my ADSL line. Then I finally get my Internet working and my printer installed on the network.
asked Sep 26, 2016
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How do I get drivers for my 2007 AutoRoute map?
asked Aug 15, 2016 by cap43 about Microsoft AutoRoute 2007
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I have a ISY N150 Micro WLAN USB-Adapter 802.11n WLAN adapter. I just upgraded my computer from Windows 7 to 10 and my WiFi adapter is not working.
asked Aug 9, 2016 by Uka about ISY USB Wireless Adapter
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I have lost my CD for my HP Deskjet printer D1600. Can I get a new one?
asked May 16, 2016
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I am asking for drivers for Fusion 100 PsiTek GSM interface. Device details: HW Rel: P115P0G1 Serial number: 014707091513372 IMEI: 351358240393250.
asked Mar 23, 2016 by NIven Hamalila
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Can anyone help me, I am having issues with an Acer Aspire 5315 and the above network card not connecting wirelessly.
asked Mar 23, 2016
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My CD had been lost, how can I download the software?
asked Feb 11, 2016 by Devendra Rai
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I have an old PC with outdated drivers. Can I renew them, as I need to get my PC to recognize my old BB 8520 Curve with a BB USB driver. Is there one available?
asked Feb 6, 2016 by Daniel
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1 answer 257 views
Image Garden does not work properly with Windows 10. Any new drivers or even Image Garden software?
asked Feb 2, 2016 by Mandy about Canon My Image Garden
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I am trying to download Windows 10 but this is not happening because the ATI Radeon 2100 is not compatible for some reason. Please advise how this may be corrected.
asked Jan 7, 2016
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I can't use my finger print reader with Windows 10. Please, I need the drivers for the finger print reader.
asked Dec 31, 2015 by Guest #39697161 (120 points) about HP CoolSense
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1 answer 624 views
I know this is going to be a long shot but I have always heavily relied on the Strategic Commander for playing FPS.
asked Dec 18, 2015 about Strategic Engine
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I am having issues to upload my running data from my Kalenji 500PC watch to Geonaute software on Windows 10/64bit.
asked Dec 4, 2015 by Jerby about Geonaute Software
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I have an HP Photosmart C4480 printer/scanner/copier. I'm trying to set it up on my computer, it is asking for a disc to download the software, I do not have the disc.
asked Nov 16, 2015