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Latest questions about "version info"

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I am a user of Kodak. We are using Kodak IJ Data Prep 4.2 now. Does the software have 5.1 version? I just found 5.0 version on your website.
asked May 18 by Marco 20 (120 points)
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What's the diffence between 3.0, 4.0, 4.1, 4.3? Can you get this on CD?
asked Apr 22 by juls about Birthday Bios
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What's the difference between AllyCAD Home and Allycad 3.6? I have an AllyCAN Home version, what is the next upgrade version?
asked Apr 20 by JackC about AllyCAD
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Can I restore Peachtree version 2010 from a flash drive to 7.0 or 11.0 and then back again after changes have been made? I'm working with 2 separate PCs.
asked Apr 3 about Peachtree First Accounting
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I am studying final year. I am doing my project regarding the stereo image. I am trying to use Minoru 3D webcam as my camera.
asked Mar 13 by INDHUJA about Novo - Minoru 3D Webcam
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What is the compatible Java version for SpeedPro? I have installed the latest Java SDK. Even though I am getting the same error.
asked Mar 9 by James Green (660 points) about Angel SpeedPro
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I will like to get an urgent response. How can I get the new Skype 3.8 version with the random search function? Kindly update me on how to get this function.
asked Feb 22 by mohamedkofi (120 points) about WadjaSkype
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How can I find the version of my installed Mach3?
asked Feb 22 about Mach3
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I have version 1.1 of the above software. Is there a later version available and if so, where can I purchase this from?
asked Jan 19 by Maryanne about VeZA Route planner
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What is the newest version of GoPro Studio? On line they have downloads that say they are 2.5 but GoPro support says it's 2.1. Thank you for your time.
asked Jan 18 by Richard about GoPro Studio
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In the manual of this model, is referred about the software version for this model that is the Version 1.6. I have tried to download this version and I can't get it.
asked Jan 18 by Guest #44059607 (120 points)
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If I already have Acer Quick Access, is this a newer verion?
asked Jan 4 about Acer Quick Access
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What is the latest version of Design Studio?
asked Dec 23, 2016 about Cricut DesignStudio
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How do I determine what version of Outlook I have in order to ensure I get the correct E2S4 version?
asked Dec 20, 2016
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I have a software disc 4.01a of Descriptions Now. Is this the latest version?
asked Dec 18, 2016 about Ultimate Employer / Descriptions Now
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I love Metastone. I was just wondering when the next version will be available?
asked Dec 11, 2016 by LARRY about Metastone
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How can I reinstall an old firmware of the Eye 4 app? The latest is not good.
asked Dec 11, 2016 by יורם מלכה about Eye4
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How can I transfer the data in NexusMoney ver 1.2.7 to ver 2.2.5?
asked Nov 16, 2016 by Jacky
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What is the version of eCAL lite?
asked Nov 7, 2016 by Nadine Wight about eCAL lite
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Latest version of Sketch is 40.1 but it's being wrongly reported as 39.1 version.
asked Oct 3, 2016 by Jagdish Adusumalli (180 points) about Sketch