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Latest questions about "folder lock"

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1 answer 259 views
I have locked some files with Folder Locker but when I exit the application and want to start it again, the shortcut does not launch the application anymore.
asked Jul 11, 2013 by Lakshman (120 points) about Folder Lock
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1 answer 541 views
I downloaded Folder Lock and the trial version expired. I uninstalled the program but I still can't see my files in the F: drive.
asked Jul 6, 2013 about Folder Lock
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3 answers 937 views
I have forgot my Folder Lock password. Please help me and give suggestions.
asked Jun 1, 2013 about Folder Lock
+4 votes
8 answers 25.2k views
I have locked some files using Folder Lock but now the unlock password does not work anymore. How could I get back my hidden files?
asked Mar 17, 2013 about Folder Lock
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6 answers 4.4k views
It shows that the folder is empty. And it shows the folder size of its contents and while scanning with antivirus it shows all the files. I need a way to fix it.
asked Mar 3, 2013 by Ganga Prasad Ukil (250 points) about Alfa Folder Locker
+1 vote
8 answers 17.5k views
What if you forget a password? Is there another option, such as a registration key or numeric code to type in the Password box in case a password is lost of forgotten?
asked Feb 23, 2013 about Folder Lock
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1 answer 74 views
I have installed Folder Lock software version on my system to protect one of my important folders.
asked Nov 13, 2011 by dip (120 points) about Folder Lock by OM
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1 answer 167 views
I'm writing the password, but Folder Lock is not opening. What can I do?
asked May 10, 2011 about Folder Lock
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1 answer 305 views
I encrypted some files with Folder Lock 6.3. How can I decrypt it now?
asked Oct 31, 2010 by meghdad (120 points) about Folder Lock
0 votes
1 answer 191 views
I want to uninstall it but it refuses. What to do? Is there any software to uninstall this Folder Lock?
asked Oct 27, 2010 about Folder Lock
0 votes
1 answer 250 views
My Folder Lock data is lost. It's not showing in Folder Lock software. What to do?
asked Apr 8, 2010 about Folder Lock
+2 votes
3 answers 602 views
I have forgotten my Folder Security Personal password. How can I unlock the folder?
asked Aug 28, 2009 by William Tong (140 points) about Folder Security Personal
0 votes
4 answers 437 views
How do I reset my password, because I don't remember it?
asked Mar 13, 2009 by Itzik Avidan (120 points) about Folder Lock
+2 votes
2 answers 512 views
Folder Lock was working nicely with my password. Now it stopped working with the same password and it gives me an "Incorrect Password" message.
asked Dec 26, 2008 about Folder Lock