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I have locked some files using Folder Lock but now it doesn't unlock it with the same password.How could I get back my hidden files?

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I have locked some files using Folder Lock but now the unlock password does not work anymore. How could I get back my hidden files?

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Please check the lock, which you have applied. Is it Master Password, if so, then you might need to check the same. However, please find the links which will help you understand how to set this unlocking easy.

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How to retrieve my hidden folder?
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Guide, HowTo and FAQ.

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If the password is not working, you can use the Serial Number that you have used to register Folder Lock as the key to unlock the application. This feature needed to be enabled as the Master Key option in Password Security settings. Since Folder Lock has been designed to prevent data theft, if you did not set up that feature, you will not be able to perform main operations that the program offers.

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Its VERY SIMPLE if your file i too important just click start and then search and type the folder name which folder you have kept in folderlock then move it where you want you will get it it worked on my folderlock 7

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thanks alot dear u r super genious i really thankfull to u
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Doubt any of these ideas will work as its software that's supposed to lock your files away. If you have lost you master password the only way I know of retrieving you files is to us a Linux live distro like Sabayon and use the file browser to find your locked files and just copy them to a usb stick. Sabayon will read NTFS/FAT32/ windows directories. Hope this helps

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Using Sabayon to retrieve locked Folder Protect files.
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I can help you in this matter.Just go to safe mode and delete the folder in which you installed folder lock.Reboot your windows .The files should be in their original position.Believe me it happened for me three times.

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I think when losing or deleting files by accident, maybe you can get help from Android Data Recovery, which is specially designed for people to retrieve information including messages, contacts and SMS and more from HTC phone and other Android devices. With an elegant and friendly interface, you can manage the app with ease. It's compatible with various Android phones including but not limited to Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony, Motorola. Now go and start to get them back.
I remember the fundamental guide of how to recover deleted files on Android is:
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Perhaps you can visit and check out the possible solution that do you a favor.

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