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Does it work on Windows 7 and Windows 10, because XP is not supported?
asked Apr 18, 2018 by Johnson Lin about SAM-BA
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I purchased Amayeta a long time ago, but recently because I was forced to reinstall Windows, the software forces me to re-activate it. However, "amayeta.
asked Apr 16, 2017 by Victor about Amayeta SWF Encrypt
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I need to flash my phone from one carrier to another. The phone's type is: Galaxy Mega. Carrier is US Cellular. Can you please tell me what website and how to do this at little to no cost?
asked Aug 28, 2014
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Is there any way to flash Nokia 305 by using Nokia 306 file(os)?
asked May 13, 2014 by Rosan (120 points)
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My PQI flash memory is not detected but its LED is on when it is installed. What is the problem? Can I recover its data using JetFlash Online Recovery?
asked Apr 29, 2014 about JetFlash Online Recovery
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I have Save Flash 4.3 that is registered. I tried (& did) save an swf file, however, it will not show up in any of the folders I saved it to.
asked Jan 2, 2014 about Save Flash
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I am a user of Aleo Flash intro Banner Maker. I would like to ask you why this software does not support Khmer font? Thank you.
asked Aug 2, 2013 about Aleo Flash Intro Banner Maker
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What software is the best for designing 2D English flash games?
asked May 21, 2013
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I need cool Flash menu builder (creator or generator) software which works with .swf files and freeware. I don't like a product which implements ads and I don't want to grab software by cracking it.
asked May 8, 2013
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I have Nokia 110 and it doesn't work properly. How to flash it or how to reinstall the OS?
asked Mar 22, 2013
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When I log onto the Internet, my PC tells me plug-ins are unresponsive. This morning I got a message in my browser that the Shockwave player crashed.
asked Feb 3, 2013
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My Mac Pro hangs and I can't even type a word, but when I minimize that chat link (not closed) everything works just fine. What is the problem?
asked Jan 28, 2013
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When I try to start my Photoshow program I get the request to get the latest version of Flash. Where can I get it?
asked Dec 18, 2012
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How can I download Adobe Flash Player plug-in for Firefox? I tried and downloaded the plug-in and run it but when I want to play the movie again I get instruction to download the plug-in.
asked Nov 15, 2012 by Guest #23979957 (120 points)
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Which free flash player will work on my ZTE Merit Android cell phone?
asked Jul 29, 2012
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I have been using Driver Boost to keep my drivers up to date. Then one day my PC gave the following warning when booting: "WARNING! CPU has been changed.
asked Jul 16, 2012 about LG ODD Auto Firmware Update
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I have Total Video Converter 3.02 installed in my laptop but whenever I run the program a pop-up appears with the warning "The application needs flash.
asked Jun 6, 2012
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I need a converter that can convert Flash video files to AVI or WMA.
asked Apr 30, 2012 by van de Winckel Ivo (120 points)
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I have a website that I want to save, but I manage to save only one page index and other flash pages have not any .swf extension files. How could I save that flash web pages?
asked Apr 18, 2012