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Let me explain, I often binge watch TV series, and what I was used to was that when KMPlayer plays the next file or episode in the playlist, there would be a display on the upper left portion of the...
asked Oct 5 by Jerby about The KMPlayer
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I want know detail about -> Download Start option details in settings option in Udeler software. Download Start means what? starting video number or something else?
asked Jul 1 by Tanveer about Udeler
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For editing my videos, I require split settings, but it is not having that split settings. I have re-downloaded Filmora thrice, but it's still missing it.
asked Mar 23, 2016 by lucie about Filmora
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Is there any proxy software program for BitTorrent? Or maybe some proxy settings?
asked Sep 4, 2015 about BitTorrent
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I installed LINE on my laptop but in this app there is no settings option. Can you tell me where do I need to go to use signup?
asked Aug 31, 2014 about LINE
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When I enable the mobile data on my Samsung S Duos, it enabled and disabled all settings automatically, even the mobile data is getting turned off.
asked Jul 16, 2014
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On my Samsung Galaxy S3 the AllShare Cast setting does not stay off, it automatically turns itself back on & starts scanning.
asked Jun 11, 2014
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Can you change some of the default search settings in the CAP New Service Request screen?
asked Apr 3, 2014 about Customer Assistance Portal
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What should I do if there is no Line Settings menu?
asked Mar 19, 2014
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The settings option is inactive on my taskbar. How do I work with this?
asked Jan 15, 2014
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Can you give simple steps on how to use it on PC? I downloaded the PC version and cannot find 'Settings' or 'Account'.
asked Dec 29, 2013
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I want to know how to adjust the temperature vent, lighting, water, egg belt and so on my StienenBE PL-9200. We use this system at our farm. Can you help?
asked Nov 18, 2013
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I want one of my already owned DVD disc to continuously play. I have tried to create a DVD disc loop from the DVD player, however, every time I have done this, the DVD disc won't allow.
asked Sep 17, 2013
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I'm using the MYOB accounting program. When I go to do the Bank Recon screen, the sales invoices appear in the bank account.
asked Feb 21, 2013 about MYOB Accounting
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How to use Netmeeting with proxy settings?
asked Jan 10, 2013
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I use Webfreer and by some mistake that happened with my settings now I can't change my home page to the one I want. What should I do?
asked Dec 18, 2012
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Hello, the ZTE Warp settings do not allow me to access Tethering & portable hotspot menu. I do not know why it is disabled, but it does not appear in the settings.
asked Nov 27, 2012