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I was using TeraTerm program which is supporting UART. Sometimes, I need to communicate with other equipment which supports GPIB at the same time.
asked Nov 15, 2012 by Ricky 1 (150 points)
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Every time I try to play Airport Tycoon 2, I get this message: "[cLibraryHandler:: ServiceInitGraphics] Unable to find a suitable pixel format, graphics init failed.
asked Nov 3, 2012
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I'm a beginner with ImageJ, so sorry if this is a basic question. I have many images of cells of which I would like to calculate the average total fluorescence.
asked Oct 21, 2012 by Renee 1 (120 points) about ImageJ
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I have a real PDP 11/34A system, with programmers panel, RX02, Three RL02's, 8 port serial, along with console serial I found PDP11GUI today.
asked Sep 28, 2012 by Rick Bensene (120 points) about PDP11GUI
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A large number of photos in my PhotoFun library have error signs now and I cannot open them. I was able to open and view them earlier, but now I cannot due to the error message.
asked Aug 27, 2012
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My screen flickers constantly. Support offers to increase monitor adjustment, mine only goes to 60. What can be done?
asked Aug 25, 2012 by Guest #24825746 (120 points)
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After I create a workbook using xlsgen, the memory footprint of my application increases from 70 MB to over 200 MB. If I repeatedly generate the same .
asked Jul 26, 2012 by Howard Weiss (120 points) about xlsgen
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I recently got three Adaptive Alpha 4160 walldisplays that I would like to use to promote my band. I need free software to operate the displays.
asked Jun 16, 2012
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How to stretch an image on r540-jt01 monitor?
asked Sep 12, 2011 about Easy Display Manager
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I need to use the adapter on a different PC but I cannot find the original CD. Where can I download the software?
asked Jul 8, 2011 about Kensington Display Adapter
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I am trying to find drivers for the NEC MultiSync LCD 1700V and can't find any for Vista. Can you help me please?
asked Nov 15, 2010 about NEC DISPLAY SOLUTIONS: Monitor Installer
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I play Counter Strike for about 3-4 minutes and then I lose sound. What's the problem?
asked Mar 24, 2009 about Counter-Strike