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Color is not displayed in the textbox of VB

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I was using TeraTerm program which is supporting UART.
Sometimes, I need to communicate with other equipment which supports GPIB at the same time.
TeraTerm does not support GPIB. So, I'changed the debug tool from TeraTerm to VB.
VB supports various functions including GPIB. Textboxes of VB can be used as display screen.

Here is my question:
program in C includes ANSI Color value like expressed "\x1b[32m". This makes character in color indicated. In Teraterm, it was no problem. However, it was different in the textbox of VB. It displayed "[32m" in textbox not the color.

Would you give me some advice to correct it?

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If you want to be able to use these ANSI colors you need to define them first. No matter the program or languages used to code, you need to define them at the beginning of the coding document and only then you can use them wherever you want to.


#define STRING "ANSI color code"
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Thanks a lot.
I was trying to learn what it is in VB, however, not found it.
I'm curious to know how to be written in VB.

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