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I'm trying to watch YouTube, but no sound is coming out. What should I do?
asked Jan 7, 2016 by Anonymous
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1 answer 170 views
Why is there no sound in Facebook Video Calling?
asked Aug 25, 2015 by Violette Morel 1 (960 points) about Facebook Video Calling
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1 answer 114 views
I don't hear sounds in downloaded videos on Nokia 2690. Why does this happen?
asked Apr 12, 2015 by Neha 6 (120 points)
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1 answer 80 views
I can play a VHS in my VCR and I can hear and see it on the Honestech screen, when I try to record the VHS the picture it's fine, but the sound fades to mute.
asked Feb 20, 2015
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1 answer 99 views
Avanquest Music Producer Home studio is not playing sound. I can create a project but when I play it, there is no sound.
asked Jan 27, 2015 about Avanquest Music Producer Home Studio
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1 answer 288 views
I have been using it for 8 months and I enjoyed it, but recently it has stopped producing sounds unless I record TV at first and then play by VLC Media Player.
asked Jan 23, 2015 by timoh about ArcSoft TotalMedia
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1 answer 168 views
My audio, when the video is playing, cuts in and out. It sounds very choppy, why?
asked Dec 30, 2014 about SuperPlay
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2 answers 120 views
We have a problem with this software. After a restart of the station, there is no sound. Could you help us?
asked Nov 29, 2014 by Chris about Plena Replay
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1 answer 166 views
I have a AXTROM XT-TV 100. I use it in Windows XP, but in Windows 7 I only have sound without picture. How can I have video data in Windows 7?
asked Nov 7, 2014 about Axtrom XT-TV 100 Teletext
0 votes
1 answer 574 views
I am using the "Arcsoft Total Media" to receive radio and TV digital broadcast. The picture of the TV is excellent, but unfortunately there is no sound at all.
asked Sep 10, 2014
0 votes
1 answer 91 views
Where can I get a new microphone for my DVR-100?
asked May 14, 2014 about Hitachi Voice Recorder Link for DVR-100
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1 answer 110 views
I lost the sound on my computer for two days. I used Tango application and it brought back the sound. I put it on the charger last night and the sound is now missing again.
asked Jan 12, 2014
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1 answer 92 views
The sound drives me nuts. Is there a way to turn it OFF?
asked Jan 11, 2014 about Maxi Sudoku
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1 answer 88 views
I recorded a video clip of my family on my iPhone but discovered there was no audio track. (I immediately shot a short test clip and can confirm that the audio was working fine.
asked Dec 31, 2013 by Matthew 12 (120 points)
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1 answer 67 views
Alert sounds are not working on Concentric Business Messenger. Any suggestions on how to fix this?
asked Nov 19, 2013 about Concentric Business Messenger
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1 answer 217 views
Does anyone know how to turn off the "boink" sound that Tagfast makes when it writes to an RFID tag? We often wear headphones while tagging, and the sound is really annoying.
asked Jul 2, 2013 about Apex TagFast
0 votes
1 answer 91 views
I have a Positivo BGH i7 Core and I thought the sound was going to be acceptable, but the truth is that everything sounds like it's in a can, even with installed Realtek High Definition Audio...
asked Jun 13, 2013 about Positivo BGH Audio Power
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1 answer 111 views
If I burn video through Roxio, the sound is muted, but if I burn as data, I can hear the sound.
asked Jan 21, 2010 about Roxio Creator Business
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1 answer 172 views
I play Counter Strike for about 3-4 minutes and then I lose sound. What's the problem?
asked Mar 24, 2009 about Counter-Strike
+2 votes
1 answer 127 views
I am having a problem with feedback. I have downloaded the software for my "EZ Vinyl Converter Version 3.2" to my Windows Vista operating system twice now.
asked Oct 22, 2008 by Donald Glasure (140 points) about EZ Vinyl Converter
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