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ImageJ measuring fluorescence.

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I'm a beginner with ImageJ, so sorry if this is a basic question. I have many images of cells of which I would like to calculate the average total fluorescence. However, each time I take a measurement of the cell, it sets the max and min pixel values according to that particular image. So an image with clearly higher fluorescence values may have a lower average total fluorescence if only a couple of the cells have the fluorescence, whereas an image with all cells having barely any fluorescence will have a higher average fluorescence value. Could someone please let me know how would I be able to calculate the average fluorescence of the image according to a certain base point?

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There is already a document which contains a tutorial related to the ImageJ application. This tutorial refers to the intensity and how can you calculate it for a given image. As far as I can see, the intensity/fluorescence is calculated for each image individually. There is no base point to use as a standard calculation. Each operation needs to be done individually. Access Google then click the first link that downloads a DOC file.

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