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How can I prevent constant increase of the memory footprint of my Xlsgen application?

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After I create a workbook using xlsgen, the memory footprint of my application increases from 70 MB to over 200 MB. If I repeatedly generate the same .xls file, after 15 or so iterations, the application grows to the point that it exceeds available memory and crashes.

How can I prevent my application from growing?

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The increase in memory footprint is often caused by a malware infection, file corruption or a simple bug. It seems that you don't have the latest version of the application because your error has been reported into a previous version of the software and was later fixed. My suggestion is to try and remove the application using Add & Remove programs and then perform a fresh installation of the software using this setup package. The latest version has a fix pack available in case the problem persists. I advise you perform a reboot of your computer for better results.

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