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Latest questions about "desktop"

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Hi, we need the MSDS desktop version 3.
asked Oct 4 about MSDSonline Desktop
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Hi. I have updated my laptop and audio driver is not working, there is no way to copy to clipboard yet.
asked Sep 23 about Speakonia
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Does MiniMinder 8.5 work with Windows 10?
asked Jul 9 by Kim Richards about MiniMinder
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French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Greek
asked Jun 24 about Desktop Buddy
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My security software won't let me download it.
asked May 31 about 3D Snowy Cottage Screen Saver
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Hi! Where can I download the latest version of the minibrowser? I use the version 0.7.2. The downloads offered on this homepage by mini-browsers V0.
asked Dec 3, 2018 by Andreas about MiniBrowser
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Can it be detected by other player
asked Sep 24, 2018 by Guest #107374805 (120 points) about On-screen Ruler
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I need an offline version of F.lux for Win 10. Is it possible?
asked Sep 17, 2018 by Fred about F.lux
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Every time I reboot I get the pop up wanting to update screen slpit (LG) 6.57 seems to be the latest. How can I disable this prompt?
asked Sep 14, 2018 by Richard about Screen Split
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Why is my PC blocking installation for antivirus issues?
asked Sep 6, 2018 by John Parry about LDS Temple Screensaver
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There are some country clock on top of the desktop? How can I add other country?
asked Jul 16, 2018 about World Clocks Wallpaper
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1 answer 121 views
How can you change the time zone properties in Transes ECDIS?
asked May 10, 2018 about Transas ECDIS Demo
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1 answer 48 views
How do I set the time in Dream Scroller?
asked Mar 29, 2018 by jack spyro (120 points) about Dream Scroller
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1 answer 173 views
How can you change the time zone properties in Transes ECDIS?
asked Mar 22, 2018 about Transas ECDIS Demo
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1 answer 48 views
I use the program for an Activities Calendar in a Nursing Home. I have the ability to create each months calendar month to month, and can repeat activities using the advanced feature.
asked Mar 22, 2018 by Liz about Calendar Creator for Windows
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I just want the Gmail icon on my desktop.
asked Feb 4, 2018 about Gmail Icon Installerâ„¢
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How do I create a Wells Fargo icon for my desktop?
asked Nov 26, 2017 about Wells Fargo Icon Installer
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I click on the .exe file, and immediately get a popup 'Webcam Wallpaper has stopped working' which immediately closes.
asked Nov 20, 2017 about Webcam Wallpaper