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We're a Contact Center in Medellin, Colombia. We're interested in your application called Digiturno IT because we have a lot of projects based on this application.
asked Aug 11, 2017 by Andres Serna Obando about Digiturno iT
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Send me please the contact to the manufacturer related to this software: (probably) ZDAI.
asked Nov 7, 2016
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How do I contact Seven Servos Software Pvt Ltd. to get a refund?
asked Feb 24, 2016 by W Stracener
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Would you kindly let me know how I can sync data (contacts, calendar, etc.) from my Palm Handheld (Z 22) or from my PC to my iPhone 5?
asked Oct 17, 2014 by David Zelaya (120 points)
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I recently had to delete my old Viber account so I reinstalled Viber and activated it.
asked Jul 23, 2014 about Viber Messenger
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I am a Viber user. How can I find out who has my phone number?
asked Jun 16, 2014 about Viber Messenger
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Where can I find a contact email or phone for Costa Rica?
asked Jun 3, 2014 about Legitronic Labeling Software
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Contacts retrieval after the phone is lost. How can I do it?
asked Jan 21, 2014
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How do you make contact with Mark S. Wall? I have checked the Apple Store and here and there seems to be no way to contact him. There is no webpage with his info.
asked Jan 20, 2014
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How do I import my contacts from my old Text+?
asked Oct 16, 2013
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This email address does not work: am having a problem and I cannot get in touch with help.
asked Sep 11, 2013
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Looking for a phone number of Sparktrust. Can you help me with that?
asked Sep 3, 2013 by Sammie Weathersby (120 points)
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How to contact MadeenaGulf for reseller partnership?
asked Jul 16, 2013 about MadeenaGulf
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I am in Trichy, Tamil Nadu, 620006. I am using Micromax A57 Ninja 3. I do not know if there's any Micromax service centre nearby me. I also want to know hpw much it costs to update my mobile.
asked Jul 6, 2013
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I need some info regarding Smart Salon Manager. I keep leaving messages and getting no response. Is there a phone number where I can contact them?
asked Jul 5, 2013 about Smart Salon Manager
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Actually I want a Hitechfone calling card. So how can I contact somebody?
asked Jun 18, 2013 about HitechFone
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I need to contact them regarding re-installing issues that I faced with StockShareV2 with MIDAS plug-in after I changed my motherboard due to some problem.
asked Mar 21, 2013 about StockShare
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I'm currently using Skype. Before the update I played online video games with my friend using headphones (laptop speakers are not very good for game sounds).
asked Feb 9, 2013 about Skype