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Manufacturer "Zydas".

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Send me please the contact to the manufacturer related to this software: (probably)

; ;
; ZDAI --- ZyDAS Auto Installation Program ;
; ;
; Company: ZyDAS Technology Corporation ;
; Author : Kuma ;
; Date : 2006-12-04 ;
; This INI File is For:
; ZD1211B CD-ROM only for Auto Install Use!
; ZyDAS General DEMO version. (All use ZDAI)
; Support Windows XP 64-bit, Vista 32-bit/64-bit
; Note: This water mark can't be modified!
WaterMark=Design by Kuma.

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The company doesn't appear to be available anymore. I've used all the available websites and business directories, but ZyDAS Technology Corporation isn't in the business anymore. For the search queries, I've used Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft's search engines, but nothing could be found marked as active.

Unfortunately, there is no way to contact the developers you're looking for.

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