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Latest questions about "adobe"

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Every time I change my screen, I get a window that asks me to allow a new download from Adobe. I can't stop this and it is annoying.
asked Jul 13, 2012
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When I download Adobe, every icon on my desktop changes to Adobe. Why?
asked Apr 14, 2012
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When I click on the ITV Player site, it says that I need Adobe 10.1 to watch it. My LG 47" 3D Smart TV says it has Adobe 11.0 already installed.
asked Feb 16, 2012
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I have a few Adobe applications that are out of date. How do I update them without leaving the old ones there?
asked Sep 20, 2011 about Adobe AIR
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What is Adobe Shockwave Player and what is it used for?
asked May 21, 2011 about Adobe Shockwave Player
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Adobe Premiere CS3 doesn't install on my Windows 7 Dell laptop. Can you help?
asked Apr 11, 2011 about Adobe Setup
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I have installed this software but I can't view the PDF file.
asked Mar 14, 2011 about Adobe Download Manager
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How can I reverse footage in Adobe Premiere Pro?
asked Nov 29, 2009 about Adobe Premiere Pro
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Does anyone have a CD that I can purchase or use to reinstall my program. I have many pictures that I cannot open with the PDD extension.
asked Nov 20, 2009 by Rose 7 (140 points) about Adobe PhotoDeluxe
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I cannot download Adobe .dlm files. My system freezes. Can you help?
asked Oct 12, 2009 about Adobe Acrobat
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How do I get Adobe Flash to work on my laptop after installation?
asked Sep 26, 2009 about Adobe Flash Player
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I have Adobe and CyberView software downloaded on my PC, but when I try to connect to the scanner through my computer, it does not recognize the scanner.
asked Aug 25, 2009 about OVT Scanner X86
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How do I update Adobe Shockwave Player?
asked Aug 16, 2009 about Adobe Shockwave Player
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when i start adobe photo shop cs4 its showing ,."This application has failed to start becouse MSVCRT10.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem.
asked Aug 5, 2009 about Adobe Creative Suite Master Collection
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What is happening with Adobe Media Player?
asked Mar 11, 2009 about Adobe Media Player
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I want to install the new version of Adobe Reader, but I'm unable to uninstall Adobe Reader 7.0.8. When I try to remove it, I receive a "This patch package could not be opened.
asked Dec 25, 2008 about Adobe Reader
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What are the system requirements for the Adobe Version Cue software? Can this one have multiple login/connections?
asked Jul 24, 2008 by Alana Harris (120 points) about Adobe Version Cue
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I have Adobe Fireworks CS3 (version and can't seem to find a good, user-friendly reference manual. Does anybody have any suggestions?
asked Apr 16, 2008 by Alan 9 (120 points) about Adobe Fireworks CS3