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I cannot download Adobe .dlm files.

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I cannot download Adobe .dlm files. My system freezes. Can you help?

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Without anything to go on in your Q, I can throw in a couple of suggestions:

Is there any Error box opening up that might give some clue? You can reboot and hit during the boot process and choose "debug mode" to start up in. You'll then have something to look at that shows just what's going on; while logged in, you can also examine your Event List, after a hang and look at what entries are found just before, during and after the failure.

If trying to use a link for the download, next time it fails (and you've rebooted) right-click the link, then the "Save as..." and the next open box should give you normal choices about where it should go on your system, as well as a name of some kind. You can make changes, here, to your needs, then click on "save," "OK," or whatever it prompts to start the download.

Use Window's "Task Manager" (simply right-click in a blank area of your task bar or quick task bar, when logged in and following the failure), look in the popup box, click "Task Manager" and study the "Applications" and "Process" listings for anything amiss. Maybe there's an orphan Process entry from a failed download attempt still open (such orphans from many sources can cause stray problems) and showing up in the Process list.

Give those a try and good luck!

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The .dlm files are mainly related to Adobe Download Manager and used for partially downloaded files. Adobe Download Manager was used to facilitate the download of Adobe Reader and Adobe Flash Player, but nowadays it has been discontinued and it is no longer supported. The .dlm files were created when the downloading process was interrupted by some external factors. If you want to download and install Adobe Reader or Adobe Flash Player, you don't need Adobe Download Manager and implicit the .dlm files. Just navigate to the official web page, click the yellow Install Now button, save the files to your computer and install them following the on-screen instructions. If you have issues, use the contact information from the official web page to get in touch with the Support team.

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