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How to watch ITV Player on my LG Smart TV?

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When I click on the ITV Player site, it says that I need Adobe 10.1 to watch it. My LG 47" 3D Smart TV says it has Adobe 11.0 already installed. Do I need to download the earlier version to watch ITV Player programs?

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According to the official note, the minimum version of Adobe, required by ITV Player is 10.2. By following this link you will be able to find out which version of Flash is installed on your system. Go to this address and download the latest version of Flash, after checking Adobe's minimum requirements

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I've just bought an LG 50" Smart Tv and yes, NO ITV PLAYER. I rang LG and learned that as yet there is no App for it but LG are in discussions with ITV about it ( and 4od )

asked Feb 1, 2015
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ITV Player availability on LG Smart TV.
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Not sure if this helps you but I have been watching ITVplayer on the web app on my LG TV.

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When I tried to do this a message came up saying this device could not support flash player. So, how did you do this please. Just bought an LG Smart model no: 49UF680V.
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You can watch it via jou ma se poes in most countries

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