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Latest questions about "yahoo"

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1 answer 394 views
I forgot my security questions and alternative email ID. Help me, please!
asked Mar 31, 2014
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1 answer 1.1k views
My Yahoo account is blocked. I remember the password, the security question and its answer but the system doesn't accept them.
asked Mar 29, 2014
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1 answer 775 views
I forgot my Yahoo password and alternative email's password. How can I reset my password by answering security quotation or reset my password by another way?
asked Mar 28, 2014
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1 answer 751 views
I can't access my Yahoo account because the security question is "What is the name of your oldest child?" and I don't have kids. What to do?
asked Mar 12, 2014
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1 answer 855 views
My Yahoo account has been hacked. I say this because I can't log in using my password.
asked Mar 6, 2014
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1 answer 1.5k views
I know my ID & my password but can't remember the security question. Please, I need you help!
asked Mar 3, 2014
0 votes
1 answer 951 views
I forgot my password and security question. How can I open my Yahoo mail?
asked Feb 26, 2014 about Yahoo! Mail
0 votes
1 answer 2.4k views
I cannot uninstall smart bar that installed itself with Yahoo while I was downloading Google Chrome. I have Windows 8. Went to Control Panel and used uninstall function but it did not budge.
asked Feb 26, 2014 about Yahoo Community Smartbar
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2 answers 1.2k views
I've forgotten my Yahoo password. I can't change my account's options. I also lost my sim. Yahoo is asking for a phone number. How to change phone number or without number, can I change my password.
asked Feb 26, 2014
0 votes
1 answer 156 views
I can't log into my Yahoo account because I forgotten the password. I have my recovery email address but I have forgotten its password, too. How can I retrieve my account?
asked Feb 23, 2014
0 votes
1 answer 313 views
Yahoo is asking for child nickname to one of the security questions in order to log in but I do not know the answer. What can I do to log in ?
asked Feb 23, 2014
0 votes
1 answer 113 views
I'm using the same password on my Yahoo and Gmail account, but I've lost it. What can I do?
asked Feb 22, 2014
0 votes
1 answer 1.7k views
The Yahoo security question asks me where I spent my honeymoon on 22 December 2009. Unfortunately, I don't remember the answer. Can you help me?
asked Feb 15, 2014 by Sylvester (120 points)
0 votes
1 answer 82 views
I can't get into my Yahoo account. I forgot my password and security question and recovery email address. How can I enter my account?
asked Feb 14, 2014 by chidhu (120 points)
0 votes
1 answer 282 views
My email has been blocked three months ago.
asked Feb 13, 2014
0 votes
1 answer 1.2k views
I no longer remember the answer for my Yahoo security questions. I know my user ID, but I forgot my password.
asked Feb 9, 2014
0 votes
1 answer 173 views
I remember my Yahoo ID but I have forgotten the password. The alternative email ID is also not available. How can I recover my account?
asked Feb 8, 2014
0 votes
1 answer 131 views
I recently changed my password and tried to login my account with my password, but it would say "INVALID ID OR PASSWORD". I tried the password help, but I have closed my alternate email ID.
asked Feb 7, 2014
+1 vote
2 answers 1.5k views
I could not remember my password and it did not give me a security question to answer - it told me to check my alternate email address for a link to change the password.
asked Feb 4, 2014
0 votes
1 answer 243 views
I cannot remember my yahoo password. I have tried to recover it with the password recovery option, but no result. I cannot access my alternate email to the said email.
asked Feb 1, 2014 by nkem (140 points)