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Alternate email address no longer exists.

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I could not remember my password and it did not give me a security question to answer - it told me to check my alternate email address for a link to change the password. I am no longer associated with my alternate email address and cannot access it. I went to a password retrieval page and it told me how to get it sent to my cell phone. When I put the cell number in, it gave me a different user name that is NOT me. I haven't been able to get my Yahoo Mail for about 3 days now. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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If you need password recovery, Yahoo will always use the first recovery alternatives. In case you provide a wrong answer or you don't know the recovery methods, then at some point, the system will ask you to provide the answers to the secret questions. To get access to those questions, simply enter wrong details and state that you don't have access or remember the answers or can't provide the codecs. Yahoo will then skip the alternate recovery methods and it will ask you to provide the answers to the security questions. If you know them, the account will be recovered. You will have the possibility to change the recovery number, email, etc.

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