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Locked out of my Yahoo account.

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I recently changed my password and tried to login my account with my password, but it would say "INVALID ID OR PASSWORD". I tried the password help, but I have closed my alternate email ID. How do I access information about my new password or change my alternate email ID by accessing my account in some way? Moreover it has been more than 24 hours since I reset my password, but it hasn't been effective. Earlier when I changed my password, I could immediately access my account with the new password. Can you help?

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You are the only one who can access the account or use the recovery methods. The only way to access the email account is with the help of the Yahoo Support page. Access the page then use the options presented to recover your account. At some point you will be instructed to contact Yahoo through the phone or other communication options. Use them and make sure you remember details about your account to recover it.

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