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Latest questions about "install error"

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Why is this game not downloading and installing?
asked Feb 19, 2014 by Guest #29784777 (120 points) about Peggle
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I have a laptop with Windows XP SP2. I have tried to download Bluestacks and when I try to run it I get a message saying: "File Corrupt". I have downloaded this about 7 times and still can't run it.
asked Jan 16, 2014 by mary 15 (120 points)
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I installed the Alienware Blue Skin Pack and it is not working properly. What to do?
asked Jan 15, 2014
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There is an error (498) when trying to install WeChat. What should I do?
asked Dec 5, 2013
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I'm trying to download Tango to my Samsung Galaxy Tablet.
asked Dec 4, 2013
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When I try to update Java, it cancels the installation and says that there is a corrupt file in my system. What's wrong?
asked Apr 21, 2013 about Java SE Development Kit
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My Money Counts 9.0 running in Windows XP developed a problem. I tried to reinstall from 2 different CDs and it wouldn't do anything. I installed it on an old computer running Windows Millenium.
asked Oct 29, 2012 by Ellis Westcott (120 points) about MoneyCounts
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I bought 8 cam system from a local dealer and it was operating well in Windows 7.
asked Aug 20, 2011 about nv700x_v8.0
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This game cannot be played on my laptop, that is the problem.
asked Aug 3, 2011 about Sniper: Art Of Victory
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When I open the program it starts installing the program. And after sometime it shows this message: "Error 2330. Setup cannot get attributes for file D:.
asked May 26, 2011 about Microsoft Office Word
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I always get a NSIS error when trying to install. How can I overcome this error?
asked Oct 21, 2010 about LimeWire
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I'm receiving an error message when I want to install AVG 2011. Can you help?
asked Oct 8, 2010 about AVG Protection PRO
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I attempted to install it many times but and it says installed successfully but will not run. I receive an error message: "Your registry settings for this application were not copied over correctly.
asked Aug 19, 2010 by JAMES mATHIS (120 points) about Microsoft Streets & Trips 2009
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I have this tool and software CD, but I cannot install it even though I followed all usual procedure and instructions. What could be the problem and how should I install it?
asked Jan 14, 2009 by shukkur (120 points) about JAF
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During the process of installation, there is an error message in the step "Binding modules and executables". This message should be sent to Microsoft.
asked Oct 21, 2008 about Vector CANalyzer
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I have installed this application for almost 100 times but there are errors. What to do?
asked Aug 18, 2008 about HiChatter Messenger
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I got my router and ran the disc. Why did it not install the Easylink Advisory?
asked Aug 5, 2008 about Linksys EasyLink Advisor
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I work with Windows Vista Ultimate Service Pack 1. (The resources of my laptop are more than sufficient to run currently issued programs). The download of Adobe Flash Player ActiveX was OK.
asked Jul 2, 2008 about Adobe Flash Player