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Latest questions about "arcade"

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Why doesn't WeddingDash2.exe file is not changed in the pink version from an original Wedding Dash game rather than a red version?
asked Sep 30, 2019 about Wedding Dash 2: Rings Around the World
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Why doesn't WeddingDash2.exe file does not contains a pink icon rather than a red icon after it has been released an updated version for this game?
asked Sep 30, 2019 about Wedding Dash 2: Rings Around the World
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I need to get the free trial version of this game but there is no way to download the free trial version link anyway. Can you help?
asked Sep 25, 2019 about Avenue Flo
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asked May 23, 2019 by mike korompay about Super Nisqually!
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Can i download Cooking Dash for free?
asked May 20, 2019 about Cooking Dash
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Good morning! Is it possible to get a free zuma revenge?
asked Oct 17, 2018 by Guest #107415535 (120 points) about Zuma's Revenge
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I bought this years ago and would like to play it again but I have Windows 10.
asked Aug 6, 2018 by RAMONA WILSON about Super Nisqually!
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Where can I get Firearc Arcade for Mac?
asked Mar 21, 2018 by Matthew about FireArc Arcade
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Do we need any emulator like GBA or NDS to run this game?
asked Dec 25, 2017 about Armor Mayhem
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Can I download GameRoom on Mac?
asked Dec 8, 2017 by Aml Elfiky
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Does the program come in English?
asked Nov 28, 2017 by Keith about Skat-As
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I bough a Blast Thru CD but I can't play it on my laptop with Windows 10.
asked Jan 2, 2017 by SANDY about Blast Thru
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Is this for Windows 10 as I have an old version and it is running slow since I changed over from Windows 7?
asked Jul 2, 2016 about Shoot-n-Roll
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How do I get the scores to reset to zero?
asked Feb 11, 2016 about Moraff's CyberPinball
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It is saying that file is missing. How to fix it?
asked Jan 30, 2016 by Guest #40613590 (140 points) about Ben 10 Heat blast city
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I have the Kindle HD Fire and have Farm UP, but it won't connect to Facebook. Can you help?
asked Oct 20, 2015 by Gaby about Farm Up
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I beat 2-14 and went to World 3 then shut the game off to do some work. When I came back to play I was back in World 2 and there is no way for me to get back to World 3.
asked Oct 15, 2015 about Super Mario Forever
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I bought Jewel Quest 2 from Oberon and need to reinstall it after old computer is dying and now having a new one, but apparently Oberon is nowhere to be found anymore.
asked Oct 13, 2015 by Becky about Jewel Quest 2