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My Epson printer is not functioning when I use it for scanning purposes and there are lights flashing. What should I do?
asked Jul 11, 2012
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I have an Epson NX 125 printer that is 12 months old. I have been told that SSC Service Utility only works on older Epson printers.
asked Jul 4, 2012
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My (very old) Epson R200 is flashing its two red lights and giving a 'communication error' signal, although the USB cable is fine.
asked Jul 3, 2012 by Guest #18782074 (120 points)
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I need a program for scanning double frame 35mm negative films. I use Epson v600 printer. Can you help?
asked Jan 1, 2011 about EPSON Scan Assistant
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How can I use Cyrillic characters?
asked Dec 26, 2010 by Dirk 1 (120 points) about EPSON Print CD
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I have been using EPSON Print CD v2.00.00A for ages and it works great. The other day was all fine. I printed some labels and I shut down the computer.
asked Dec 6, 2010 by susan 3 (120 points) about EPSON Print CD
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The printer prints on the old program instead of the new one. Can you help?
asked Nov 26, 2010 about EPSON Scan
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I have scanned a picture click print the line went green that it was ready but it did not print
asked Apr 13, 2010 about EPSON Printer Software
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My Epson Stylus NX110 won't recognize the black ink. What can I do?
asked Mar 27, 2010 about Epson Event Manager
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I'm receiving an error from Epson Stylus Photo R390 printer. It tells me to check the documentation. I have SSC Service Utility version 4.30 but I can't use it with my model.
asked Mar 19, 2010 about SSC Service Utility
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I downloaded the driver but only the printer is working. I think the scanner has a different driver.
asked Jan 20, 2010 about EPSON Scan
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My printer stopped printing. The paper comes out OK, all ink cartridges are full, but some faded red points appears and some script will come in faded black, but mostly blank.
asked Jan 16, 2010 about EPSON Printer Software
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I'm using Windows Vista and I'm looking for the driver for Epson Perfection 660 scanner. Can you help me?
asked Mar 2, 2009 by Enrico Romeo (120 points) about EPSON Scan Tool
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Why is it that the transparency scans are not that sharp even with the sharpness box ticked. Is this normal or do I have a faulty scanner?
asked Jan 1, 2009 about EPSON Scan