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How can I change the ink pads in Epson ME 33 series?

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In order to replace the ink pads, please follow these steps :

  1. Make sure the power light is on and not flashing
  2. Open the printer cover
  3. Press the stop/maintenance button (looks like a triangle upside down) and the head will move in the replacing position and the power button will begin to flash.
  4. You should shake the new ink pads before installing
  5. Remove the yellow protection tape from the new cartridge
  6. Remove the old ink pad by squeezing the tab at the back and pull.
  7. Place the new ink pad in the same way you removed the other one just in the reversed action
  8. Close cover, and press the stop/maintenance button. The head will move to its right place.

After all this steps use Epson Status monitor and check the ink, levels and status. Print a test page to check if the printer is working properly.

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