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Latest questions about "printing issues"

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I have purchased My Craft Studio Elite Royal Lace, but when I print something out it prints a different color from what is on my computer screen.
asked Mar 29, 2017 by Tania Johnstone about My Craft Studio Elite
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I use EzClaim Form Filler Plus, and it is very funny when I try to print the form with about 5 patients. It prints a double print of the form: one black box in addition to the red that is on the form.
asked Sep 13, 2016 by PAM about EZClaim
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The file loads correctly when I add it in the software. The pixel dimensions of the file is 1000 by 5000, but software shows dimension 96000 by 48000.
asked May 27, 2016 by Abdullah Shirazee about PhotoPRINT DX Human Edition
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I had a great program from Epson I think called Easy Print where I could select photo sizes on A4. Easy Photo Print won't let me print anything larger than thumbnails.
asked Feb 20, 2015
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I'm running PictureProject on Windows 8.1 and having some issues printing.
asked Dec 21, 2014 by Phil Markham ON about PictureProject
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I changed printers and now I can print reports, but can't print checks.
asked Nov 12, 2014 about MoneyCounts
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Why do I get "smiley faces" beside every field when I press Shift + F9 to print a record?
asked Feb 28, 2014 about DataEase
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I have a Lanier 3600 and I'm using Plotbase 3600. When a plot job is completed the job keeps appearing with the "plotting" message.
asked Dec 27, 2013 about PLOTBASE
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If the required prints are more than 10, LabelCooker prints only from 1 to 9 and then starts over with 0. How to print multi-digit stickers?
asked Dec 11, 2013 about LabelCooker
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I'm trying to print the Room name and number on SWMS30 labels, but I can't get the room numbers at the end of each label to be lined up with the other label room numbers vertically.
asked Sep 6, 2013 about SignWord Pro
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1 answer 106 views
Dr.Stika machine has its measurements for length and width mixed up. It only prints length ways and I cannot get it to print portraits. What can I do?
asked Oct 11, 2011 by Emma 4 (120 points) about Dr.STIKA PLUS
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Each time I attempt to print my file there is a message that comes up saying "Can't find Dividebd1" or "Can't find chart2". Can you help me?
asked Apr 11, 2011 about TaxFreeway 2009
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1 answer 102 views
I cannot print any files because of Adobe Reader. Can you help?
asked Jan 21, 2011 about Adobe Reader
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1 answer 81 views
I can't print a Dims32 report using the Landmark software. I can't print other files normally.
asked Jan 1, 2011 by hairuzaman (120 points)
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I have been using EPSON Print CD v2.00.00A for ages and it works great. The other day was all fine. I printed some labels and I shut down the computer.
asked Dec 6, 2010 by susan 3 (120 points) about EPSON Print CD
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I can't get this software to print from my XP home PC with a Canon iP2000 printer attached via USB cable.
asked Dec 4, 2010 about Art Attack Make It!
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I can't print because the Spool is not running. What should I do?
asked Dec 3, 2010 about SAP Front End
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I can't print the WillExpert file because the program has a page that interferes with the printing process. It is asking me for an upgrade of Adobe Reader 4, but I already have Adobe Reader 9.
asked Nov 18, 2010 by George Parkes (120 points) about WillExpert
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1 answer 138 views
When I go to print my high resolution documents, the HP 2550l printer says that it is in the Idle mode. When I go to print a document from Paint, it says that it is ready and it prints the file.
asked Oct 27, 2010 about Driver Mender
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I don't have a license key for Foxit Reader so it is not allowing me to print a document. How do I get a license key in order to print a file?
asked Sep 5, 2010 about Foxit Reader