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Can you list some difference between HD DVD and Blu-ray?

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Both HD DVD and Blu-ray are popular in the video business. I wanna know if their picture looks the same or has some difference. Can you find a media player that supports both of them?

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HD-DVD is capable of holding 30 GB of data while Blu-ray holds 50 GB of data. You could have the same movie on a HD-DVD device for as long as 8 hours and on Blu-ray for 8 hours and half. As you can see, Blu-ray is almost twice as HD-DVD and holds exactly the same amount of data transcoded in 8 hours and half. The thing which differs is the bit rate and the encoding. In terms of quality, they are both the same, it's the "under the hood" aspects that differ a little.

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The two different factories working completely independently suddenly created near enough the same thing at the same time. These things were Toshiba HD DVD and Blu-ray.

Then came a fight. Various companies and motion picture houses supported one party or the other. Some, like Warner Bros, couldn’t decide who was going to win and so supported both. This made it impossible for the public to know what was going to happen and several people buying the wrong thing. In the end with Blu-ray securing big support from companies such as Universal, Paramount and Blockbuster, and, very importantly, PlayStation 3 launching itself as a dual games and Blu-ray Disc player, it was Toshiba HD DVD who, in February 2008, hoisted the white flag and threw all their rubbishy stupid useless boring bits of old metal in the bin.

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