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Latest questions about "connect"

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I need a program to connect a HP Tower computer to my HP laptop.
asked Sep 26, 2012 by Amanda R Lockwood (120 points)
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2 answers 8k views
Can someone explain what a 4-way handshake is?
asked Sep 8, 2012 by kipsey (120 points)
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1 answer 714 views
How to connect Nokia Wireless Presenter from phone to PC?
asked Aug 13, 2012 about Nokia Wireless Presenter
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13 answers 82.4k views
How to connect a Nokia mobile to an Android tablet to use the Internet?
asked Aug 11, 2012
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10 answers 5.4k views
My Beyluxe Messenger is restricted and can not connect. What is the problem?
asked Jul 5, 2012
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1 answer 114 views
I get an "Error 628: Unable to establish connection with the remote computer" when I try to connect or to initialize a connection.
asked Jul 1, 2012
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1 answer 454 views
How do I connect Xbox to Handycafe to enable timing and charging?
asked Jun 5, 2012
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1 answer 3.6k views
What software should I use to connect Sony Ericsson txt pro CK15i to a PC?
asked May 4, 2012 by deepiga devi (120 points)
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1 answer 248 views
How can I get an account to use this application?
asked Apr 9, 2011 about proXPN
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1 answer 66 views
How do I get balance in G7 Connect software?
asked Mar 20, 2011 about G7 Connect
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1 answer 116 views
How do I delete a duplicate of Vodafone Mobile Connect, and where would I find it?
asked Mar 17, 2011 about Vodafone Mobile Connect
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1 answer 115 views
Why does it not work properly? The Signal shows very good, but if I connect it goes away.
asked Mar 17, 2011 about Vodafone Mobile Connect
+1 vote
1 answer 124 views
Where is download link/button for IBM Lotus Sametime Connect?
asked Nov 9, 2010 by shri shinde (130 points) about IBM Lotus Sametime Connect
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1 answer 213 views
how can i set up huawei ets 1220 in ubuntu 9.10. The modem is not detected by ubuntu .Does anybody can help me ?
asked Sep 7, 2010 by tryson (120 points) about HUAWEI Mobile Connect
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1 answer 116 views
How can I connect to my scanner Samsung CLX 8385 Series (TWAIN)?
asked Mar 28, 2010 about Samsung CLX-8385 Series
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1 answer 98 views
My VMC has vanished. Where can I download the same version that comes on the dongle?
asked Jan 28, 2010 about Vodafone Mobile Connect
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1 answer 381 views
I can't use Tencent QQ International because it freezes after one minute. Can you help me?
asked Jan 21, 2010 about QQ International
+2 votes
1 answer 318 views
I just try to install my usb mobily in my laptop it gives an error an i cant access any thing can you please provie me the software or the link to download as i have windows vista of 32 bit thanks...
asked Jan 10, 2010 about Mobily Connect Card