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I have followed the instructions how to transfer my pics from my mobile phone to my PC and it havent' picked up on the usb connection.

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Hi, guy ,are you worrying about transferring your ipod pictures to pc? Just take it easy, it is just a piece of cake for us as long as we have chosen the right tool. Amacsoft iphone transfer for mac is a decent tool for the iphone users to transfer or copy iphone contents to mac with ease. You can have a free trial here.

As to how to get your iphone photos to pc, you maybe as well visit the step-by-step guide below:

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If you can not connect your phone to your computer, please go to the phone store to change a new USB cable. Then try with the new cable, and if you are still unaware of the instructions, you can try a software which can easily transfer your pictures from any phone to any computer.
enter image description here

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USB Connection refers to the communication between your handset and your PC. If the connection fails, you should first check if the drivers are correctly installed. You should try a fresh installation of device software using the official media CD that your handset has.

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