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Latest questions about "mobile phone"

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Is this the driver I need to download my pictures to my computer? I have an LG Leon LTE.
asked Jun 4 by Su about LG Android Platform Drivers
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1 answer 17 views
How do I hard reset a ZTE Obsidian phone?
asked Feb 26
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1 answer 14 views
My ZTE always says that I'm out of storage. I've installed a storage card, but it still says out of storage. I've moved everything I can to the card.
asked Feb 26 by sice
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1 answer 308 views
Did this come already installed on my phone?
asked Dec 11, 2016 by Angela Smith about Boost Icon Pack
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1 answer 31 views
I tried to open my cellphone, but when it opens, it says Launcher3 has stopped. How to fix it?
asked Aug 22, 2016
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1 answer 212 views
I want to delete the Gmail from my Samsung mobile. I've tried but haven't succeeded.
asked Apr 20, 2016 by abdulgader abuhlega (220 points) about Gmail
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How do I get Pysol Fan Club on my mobile phone please?
asked Feb 12, 2016
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1 answer 3,945 views
I'm playing Cooking Dash game from my phone. I have completed all the levels. So I want to restart this game from level 1. But even after uninstalling and installing, the game is not new.
asked Jan 28, 2016
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1 answer 206 views
If I send my friend a snap, and then block them, then add them back, will they see the snap?
asked Nov 13, 2015 about Snapchat
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I've downloaded Y2 Call Vox app on my Samsung Android phone. However, when I try to register, it keeps responding with "Wrong username and password".
asked Nov 2, 2015 by KY (120 points) about Y2 call Vox
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1 answer 157 views
How do I reset my calibration on my Kyocera event Android phone screen?
asked Sep 16, 2015
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2 answers 79 views
How to update software in mobile phone?
asked May 19, 2015 by Mujahid
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1 answer 840 views
In my phone contact list I can see that the contact is using Viber. But in my Viber contact list I cannot see his/her Viber icon although I see other contacts Viber icons.
asked May 10, 2015 by viber crazy about Viber Messenger
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1 answer 54 views
Where can I get a user manual for Samsung GT-S5380?
asked Apr 2, 2015 about
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1 answer 89 views
Can you use your phone on Internet to monitor your other phone as a security camera? Do they both need to use the same WiFi or Internet connection in order to do this?
asked Mar 27, 2015
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1 answer 53 views
I need a voice changer app for during phone calls. It needs to be a woman's voice and an appropriate and believable one please.
asked Mar 10, 2015
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1 answer 39 views
Are there any custom ROMs or updates available for Spice Mi-426?
asked Mar 9, 2015 by Chirag Ameta
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1 answer 87 views
What do you think about Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge? Which one is better?
asked Mar 6, 2015 by henry 15 (120 points)
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1 answer 199 views
How do I open WhatsApp on a new phone using my old number?
asked Feb 19, 2015 about WhatsApp Messenger
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1 answer 164 views
My daughter is grounded from using Snapchat. I deleted the app from her phone, but she is still using it. How is that possible?
asked Feb 1, 2015 about Snapchat