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I need to change the Registration name on Registration key RFUFF-2XH4-7H3A-S2V9-2VP8-KV9SE from Joseph Rush to Steve Sarachman and the Login to sserachman@reedtech.
asked Oct 14 by Joe Rush about IAS Log Viewer
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You have taken the money for the year on the 30/07/20 and I am unable to access on my computer and you have not sent me an activation key.
asked Jul 9 by joan cox
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Can we update AP6521 using this...?
asked May 13 by shubam about Tftpd64
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when I click the download button it prompt me to another version which is
asked Apr 13 by Yumi about FortiClient
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I tried to instal Idiom World Server in My 64 bit Windows 10 but got this note form RegSvcs.
asked Apr 13 about Idiom WorldServer Desktop Workbench
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If I click Save, the software closes down. It used to work before I reinstalled following a PC clean up. Why will it not work now? It is a registered copy.
asked Apr 8 by Dave about Terrapin FTP
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Hi, we found a CD with OPC server v1.20. Program requires a license on startup, how do I obtain one? Running Windows 10. Regards, Nicklas
asked Jan 24 by Nicklas Lindström about Beijer Electronics OPC Server
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Can my current CProxy desktop subscription be extended to my android phone?
asked Nov 5, 2019 by Bobby Mathew about CPROXY
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Reason 442 : failed to enable for virtual adaptor how to resoled this problem
asked Jun 27, 2019 by Guest #108074005 (120 points) about Cisco VPN Client
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I am writing a plugin for my VeraPlus so I need to host it's icon on the internet so anyone can read it. Can't figure out how to do this in BarracudaDrive.
asked May 13, 2019 by JimM about BarracudaDrive
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asked Aug 13, 2018 by Andrew Ford about Terrapin FTP
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How do I edit my website on Tripod Lycos powered by Trellix? Cannot convert to normal text. Have been able to edit before being powered by Trellix.
asked Mar 22, 2018 about Trellix
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I have an old copy of Trelix 2.0 that I purchased in 1998 and I want to use it on a Windows 10 machine. The old setup won't work on the Windows 10 platform.
asked Jan 28, 2018 by Michael Patzer about Trellix
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Hello. What's the last FortiClient version compatible with Mac OS X 10.6.8 and where to download it from? Thank you by advance.
asked Mar 20, 2017 by guy.proot (120 points) about FortiClient
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Network map does not show country flags in Vidalia Bundle.
asked Feb 24, 2017 by Guest #44472081 (120 points) about Vidalia
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Can Cisco VPN Client be trusted?
asked Feb 10, 2017 by Guest #44228110 (120 points) about Cisco VPN Client