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Reason 442 : failed to enable for virtual adaptor how to resoled this problem
asked Jun 27 by Guest #108074005 (120 points) about Cisco VPN Client
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I am writing a plugin for my VeraPlus so I need to host it's icon on the internet so anyone can read it. Can't figure out how to do this in BarracudaDrive.
asked May 13 by JimM about BarracudaDrive
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asked Aug 13, 2018 by Andrew Ford about Terrapin FTP
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How do I edit my website on Tripod Lycos powered by Trellix? Cannot convert to normal text. Have been able to edit before being powered by Trellix.
asked Mar 22, 2018 about Trellix
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I have an old copy of Trelix 2.0 that I purchased in 1998 and I want to use it on a Windows 10 machine. The old setup won't work on the Windows 10 platform.
asked Jan 28, 2018 by Michael Patzer about Trellix
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Hello. What's the last FortiClient version compatible with Mac OS X 10.6.8 and where to download it from? Thank you by advance.
asked Mar 20, 2017 by guy.proot (120 points) about FortiClient
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Network map does not show country flags in Vidalia Bundle.
asked Feb 24, 2017 by Guest #44472081 (120 points) about Vidalia
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Can Cisco VPN Client be trusted?
asked Feb 10, 2017 by Guest #44228110 (120 points) about Cisco VPN Client
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My company uses Hurco VM1s. We also have 2 computers at each with corresponding cables running to their appropriate COM ports.
asked Feb 3, 2017 about DNC Server
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I've just downloaded Vortec IRC 1.0. I like the way it looks, but where do I find the IRC network servers and how do I connect with them?
asked Nov 19, 2016 by MrDap (120 points) about Vortec IRC
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I have an issue at hand and it's simply the fact that my CyberGhost stopped responding and I hope the problem is fixed as soon as possible. It also keeps on saying that CyberGhost has stopped working.
asked Oct 15, 2016 by Guest #43139645 (120 points) about CyberGhost VPN
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How can I use the computer when you open the default player Gmote? Instead of the VLC Media Player. Thank you in advance for your help!
asked May 13, 2016 by Strelok about GmoteServer
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Can you tell me if the v. is compatible with Microsoft Windows Vista?
asked Apr 7, 2016 by Brian about Terrapin FTP
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Firefox has disabled Auto Hide IP from my computer. It claims the add on has not been verified. Have you any suggestions to overcome problem?
asked Apr 3, 2016 by Peter about Auto Hide IP
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How can I resolve the issue of my CyberKlock rejecting my admin password?
asked Mar 23, 2016 by beztmillz about CyberKlock Server
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What are the system requirements for the software RSLinx OEM 3.60?
asked Feb 28, 2016 about RSLinx Classic
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Please inform what type of security protocol is used in getVPN. Is any of those PPP, PPTP, L2F, L2TP, IP Security (IPSec), SSTP and OpenVPN? I am doing a research for school.
asked Nov 10, 2015 by ana almeida about GetPrivate
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I am one of the original users of Trellix. As my site is only rarely updated, I ended up downloading something called Globalscape 5.
asked Nov 2, 2015 by Gary about Trellix
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How to make the USB to Serial adapter connect to the Axtrax unit? When I click on the device manager USB is operating correctly, but it's not connecting to the unit.
asked Oct 15, 2015 about AxTrax AS-525