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I have developed two applications with versions for both Mac and Windows.
asked Aug 26, 2012 by J. W. Dietrich (130 points)
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How can I change Software Informer's client language?
asked Aug 25, 2012 by abdel (120 points)
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1 answer 260 views
How can I use Software Informer?
asked Aug 24, 2012 by Paul Hatugari (120 points)
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I need to place calls but I can't seem to find the way.
asked Aug 9, 2012 by Guest #24745357 (120 points)
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Every time when I try to download Odesk team software from Odesk corporation it contains a virus. Now what can I do?
asked Aug 3, 2012 about oDesk Team
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I could connect to this server ( before, but not anymore. When I try to connect, a box is shown with the message "an eQSO administrator has disable your access to the server.
asked Jun 17, 2012 about eQSO PC Client
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It reports that I have 82 programs installed, but actually I have 184.
asked May 8, 2012 by Guest #23846886 (120 points) about Software Informer
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I am trying to run Mathcad on my new machine (Windows 7 – based). However, I always get this message denying me accessing the software: "You must unload your debugger before you can run this program".
asked Mar 1, 2012 about Mathcad 2001 Client
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What is the Centra Client software? How can I remove it from my computer and will it affect other programs?
asked Feb 9, 2012
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How do I install a newer Pantone library into my Proofer Client software (I have version
asked Aug 17, 2011 by Pam Johnson (120 points) about Kodak Proofer Client
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After I download and install it, the application is not working. Can you help me?
asked Mar 3, 2011 about SoftPhone Client
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Does anyone know if there is a Cisco AnyConnect VPN client download for Mac OS X Snow Leopard (v10.6)?
asked Feb 23, 2011 by D. Stann (120 points) about AnyConnect VPN Client
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What is this program? Is it for server PCs?
asked Nov 24, 2010 about Firebird
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Where can I download it? Please tell me, someone.
asked Aug 19, 2010 by samuel david (120 points) about Wikipedia Explorer
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I have a problem of compatibility,so I must uninstall and reinstall Babylon. Can you help?
asked Aug 14, 2010 about Babylon
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Can LanRoad PPPOE client be used in Windows 7?
asked Mar 31, 2010 about LanRoad PPPoE Client
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Why is it that any time I open my laptop the system notifies me that my Symantec Antivirus is 30 days old while my Informer also states that the system has been updated to current version.
asked Jan 11, 2010 about Symantec AntiVirus Client
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u torrent downloads very slowly aren't there any software like u torrents that downloads in seconds
asked Dec 19, 2009 about µTorrent (uTorrent)
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If there is no Bluetooth driver in Acer Aspire 5536, then why have they given the key for On and Off of the Bluetooth?
asked Oct 26, 2009 about WIDCOMM Bluetooth
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Where do I find Softphone Client to download?
asked Oct 10, 2009 by ernesto 1 (130 points) about SoftPhone Client