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How can I use Software Informer?

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How can I use Software Informer?

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Could you be a little more precise? Do you refer to Software Informer section of the website or the Windows Client ?
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Thanks for your help Andrew, I've found out the answer: being new to the program, I had overlooked downloading and installing the 'Client' in addition to the main program and therefore I couldn't access the appropriate interface! Thanks again. Regards,
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I am glad to be at your service.

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Software Informer Client is an application which runs like any other. There are no additional steps in configuring and installing it, just download and run the setup package. The Client does everything. You just sit back and watch as it scans programs that are installed onto your computer and where it is necessary, it will provide the link to the updated version of the software. It will also display the versions to all the software solutions installed onto your computer. The same thing applies to drivers that are required for the good functionality of your computer.

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