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TouchPad problems

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How can I activate my TouchPad to work with Mac Informer Client? Macbook Pro Retina TouchPad doesn't properly work with it. I cannot accurately choose links when clicking.

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What do you mean to work with informer? Please be more specific.
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I am currently using the touchpad on my Macbook Pro Retina.  While on the Mac informer window, I would scroll to the application I want to choose, with the cursor on it, and then click on it but another app is chosen instead.  The blue highlight will be on a different app instead of the one I clicked on, usually about 12 apps below on the list.  I cannot seem to click and choose the one I want on the list.

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This problem is more likely related to the settings of the TouchPad and, more specific, to its sensitivity. Please visit system settings and try to restore default settings for the TouchPad because it seems the sensitivity is too high, thus, making you unable to properly click on the desired items.

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My Macbook Pro Retina is brand new and everything is set to the original settings when I purchased it. Which settings would you suggest changing if they are already in default settings?

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