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Latest questions about "calls"

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I think info from my calls has been used in a phone scam that steals credit. Is this possible?
asked Nov 19, 2016 by maria
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1 answer 689 views
I accidentally called a person on Viber. I immediately deleted this person and deactivated my account. Will she still be able to receive my call?
asked Aug 18, 2016 by truthtrack (120 points) about Viber Messenger
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From IRD the call that is put on hold has to be retrieved by using a function automatically after playing a prompt. How can we do it?
asked Nov 16, 2015 by mubarak about Genesys Interaction Routing Designer
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1 answer 115 views
I want to call Sweden in Pajala City from India using Tango. Is it possible?
asked Aug 18, 2014 about TanGo
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1 answer 87 views
I can hear the out coming calls, but they can't hear me. In Skype I have no problem with the microphone, only at this VoIP Soft Client.
asked Oct 25, 2013
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I cannot make calls from poivY. Somebody is talking something, but I don't understand. Please help!
asked Jun 6, 2013 about PoivY
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I have a new and active TATA Photon Plus Dongle but the service of TATA Photon has been withdrawn from North East India so the device became idle.
asked Jan 15, 2013
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How can I record a Tango video call on my phone using Android 2.1.1?
asked Jan 9, 2013
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How can I get calls using Mobile Partner from Alcatel One Touch X230L USB dongle?
asked Dec 13, 2012
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1 answer 134 views
I am trying to use Mewsoft Fonawy. It doesn't do anything but show up on my PC. Please help me!
asked Nov 16, 2012
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1 answer 278 views
I use Sfaricom Mobile Broadband and I want to make calls. Is it possible? How?
asked Aug 16, 2012 about Safaricom Mobile Office
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2 answers 1.1k views
I need to place calls but I can't seem to find the way.
asked Aug 9, 2012 by Guest #24745357 (120 points)
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What is the Poivy program used for?
asked May 20, 2012 about PoivY
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1 answer 190 views
How can I create a new account at Voiptring?
asked Jun 23, 2011 by sreelu (120 points) about VoipTring-V1.0.0.1
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1 answer 182 views
How can I purchase VoIP card for calling to India?
asked Aug 29, 2010 about ActionVoip
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1 answer 231 views
I want to uninstall this application but I can't finish the installation. Why?
asked Aug 29, 2010 about ActionVoip
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1 answer 205 views
Jumblo is blocked in my country. How can I unblock it?
asked Aug 24, 2010 about Jumblo
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1 answer 135 views
Why does magicJack not work to send or receive faxes? It does receive calls when hooked up to fax phone.
asked Apr 20, 2010 by mmhasid (140 points) about magicJack
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5 answers 279 views
I'm trying to open Jumblo. It is connecting but not responding. How can I fix it?
asked Mar 14, 2010 about Jumblo
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1 answer 165 views
My Jumblo VoIP software is OK, the Internet is OK but when I'm calling anybody, voice fluctuates frequently. Why?
asked Dec 20, 2009 about Jumblo