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got massage telling me that this version is too old need to up-date, version 0.9 only availabe to dwonload ,Where can I fine the 0.1 version
asked May 24, 2008 by smorg (120 points) about Software Informer
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When I plug in my MP3 Player, the PC does not recognize it.
asked May 24, 2008 about
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I can't pay my renewal subscription for Registry Mechanic. Can you help me?
asked May 23, 2008 about Registry Mechanic
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I have a Windows XP Compaq Presario PC. I also have a 2GB MP3 Player that is not recognized by any USB port. What can I do?
asked May 23, 2008 by nancy 9 (120 points) about HP Total Care Advisor
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I have been using Nikon Transfer for a while. An hour ago, when I tried to transfer pictures to my PC and I clicked Start Transfer option, nothing happened.
asked May 23, 2008 by Stephen Lok (130 points) about Nikon Transfer
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The webcam image doesn't appear in my own web camera settings box and it doesn't transmit to other persons the video link. We have looked at everything we can.
asked May 21, 2008 by Jayne Frost (130 points) about DELL Webcam Manager
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Newest version is 4.60. Why is software informer telling me there is a version available? Where do i get it?
asked May 21, 2008 about Logitech SetPoint
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I have an Acer Extensa 4620z. I can't make the webcam work. How can I download the driver?
asked May 18, 2008 by steph007 (120 points) about Acer Crystal Eye webcam
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When is Software Informer going to have a proxy option?
asked May 17, 2008 by sstevens (130 points) about Software Informer
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Take a look at this cakes: Is the site hacked?
asked May 17, 2008 about Smart CD Catalog Professional
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While upgrading my Huawei modem, I got files like bkuplogfile.txt and logfile.txt. Those log files have 4000Kb and they put themselves on my desktop.
asked May 14, 2008 by Eva Falk (130 points) about 3Connect
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Which is the latest free version of Paint.NET?
asked May 13, 2008 about Paint.NET
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How can I download new updates for Acer Aspire 4220?
asked May 13, 2008 by abdo (140 points) about Acer Crystal Eye webcam
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I had to remove this program as it was consuming up to 70% of my CPU. As a novice I do not know if I did something wrong. Should I restore the program?
asked May 3, 2008 by George Gemmel (120 points) about Intel (R) Viiv (TM) Software
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Software Informer authoritativley advises that the latest version is, yet the download link leads to a microsoft page from which V4.
asked Apr 13, 2008 by Richard Jones (160 points) about Microsoft ActiveSync
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I purchased an Acer notebook in January 2008. Seven weeks later the Crystal Eye Camera stopped working. I emailed Acer and they told me to download the drivers from their site.
asked Mar 28, 2008 about Acer Crystal Eye webcam
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2 answers 255 views
Does it convert MP3 and other formats to CDA? I have MP3 and WMA files that I need to burn to Audio CD. I already have Nero 8 and I need a specialized converter.
asked Mar 25, 2008 by jlconrod (120 points) about Free Mp3 Wma Converter
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Hello, I have a problem with my Crystal Eye webcam who doesn't want to take photo with the original software installed on my Aspire 5520!
asked Mar 18, 2008 by Chrisophe Rétot (120 points) about Acer Crystal Eye webcam
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How can I download new updates?
asked Mar 13, 2008 by mithat (140 points) about Acer Crystal Eye webcam