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I put an icon on the desktop. I save in Icon Shepherd as Current. I delete it from desktop. I open Icon Shepherd and go to restore and select Current.
asked Nov 23, 2020 by Tommy about Icon Shepherd
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“I have been using Google Pixel 4 for a month, and recently I want to back up my Google Pixel phone in case of any data loss. Can you tell me how to back up and restore Google Pixel 4 data?
asked Dec 30, 2019 by Caroline4456 (2.6k points)
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A number of iPhone problems require users to restore their iPhone to factory settings, like stuck on Apple logo on the screen.
asked Jun 5, 2019 by Caroline4456 (2.6k points)
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How can I find all the videos that I took with my flip camera years ago? They were on the Flip Share Library, and I can't find them.
asked Oct 13, 2016
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What happened was I removed accidentally my "Password Manager App" from my Kindle. The Blue lock and five stars logo. Now - How can I rescue the App?
asked Oct 20, 2015 by Adrian
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How to restore my BlackBerry backup in BlackBerry Desktop Manager?
asked Sep 11, 2015 about BlackBerry Desktop Manager
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Can I restore a backup to a new installation of Outlook?
asked Jul 8, 2015 by John Whyte about Microsoft Office Outlook
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How to restore Nokia c2-03 without security code?
asked Jun 26, 2014
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I’m trying to restore some files from my old Windows XP to Windows 7 through the NTBackup utility.
asked Jun 23, 2014 by christine williams (120 points)
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I deleted my Blackberry Maps by mistake and I want it back. Don't know how to restore it. Can you please help me?
asked May 29, 2014
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3 answers 352 views
I'm looking for an app that can be downloaded on my Samsung Galaxy S4 to restore deleted files. Is there any?
asked Apr 29, 2014
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2 answers 160 views
I have made a backup of all my contacts from my old phone to the cloud a month ago. Now when I am trying to restore my contacts, it shows contacts restored successfully.
asked Mar 16, 2014
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StorageSync came loaded on an external enclosure I just bought. How do I use it to simply view the external hard disc? (I am using enclosure to view old HD full of files).
asked Feb 3, 2014 about StorageSync
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I have had Restore Desktop on my computer for years and just got a new computer. How do I move it over to my new PC? My user id is 95905712-22654-002.
asked Feb 3, 2014 about Restore Desktop
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Looking for backup/restore software to help me restore my system in any kind of malware or virus attack and stay robust.
asked Jan 21, 2014
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How can I restore the original file in the CHK format?
asked Oct 15, 2013 by Guest #28583476 (120 points) about Facebook Video Calling
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I have forgotten the password for Nokia C2-00 but it is needed for restore.
asked Sep 16, 2013
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How to fix the msvcrt.dll error regarding availability of this file?
asked Jun 3, 2013 by Kracker (140 points)
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I have MozBackup. How can I deselect the backup of the epubs? My last backup was about 2 GB.
asked May 24, 2013 about MozBackup
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My Initex iBuddy tablet is rooted. How I should get it in a good condition?
asked May 24, 2013